Because of Vocational guidance was introduced in Boston

Because of Miss Follett’s interest, Municipal Department of Vocational guidance was introduced in Boston in 1917.

In the closing years of her life she visited London, when she had “first real contact with administration and problems of business and industry.It marked a shift in her interests from political analysis to a concern with industrial relations: she brought in her, powers of scholarship and reflection to elucidate practical problems.”Mary Parker Follett’s interest in social work gave her impetus to write her first important book: ‘The New State’ in which she forcefully advocated for a better ordered and controlled society.

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In 1924, she published her second major work: ‘Creative Experience’; in this book she developed the idea of all psychological phenomena involved in human relations. The problem of conflict became one of her abiding interests. As a solution to conflict she advocated integration.


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