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Beauty treatment is enhancement of someone’s personal beauty. There is four types of beauty treatment. the four types of the beauty treatment is makeover, manicure, pedicure, and facial. Makeover is an overall beauty treatment that involves someone’s hair style and cosmetics and also clothing intended to change or improve a person’s appearance. Manicure is a professional care for the hands and fingernails while predicure is a professional care for the feet and toenails. The last but not least is facial. Facial is care for the face that usually involves cleansing and massage and the application of cosmetic creams.

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In India, there have a many places that provides beauty treatment but the famous place that people always come to try their beauty treatment is in Mumbai. The beauty treatment in India called as “Ayurvedic”. In Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Mumbai, they have two types of Beauty Treatment which is Face Massage and Mukhalepam. For people who want to make a treatment for their face, this is what they can try in India because this is one of the best beauty treatment. If you want a soothing face massage, the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre use special herbs and oils for face massage, so that your skin can relax during the treatment. The face massage will do by the professional people and experiences people. So do not worry and just enjoy the treatment.

There is the important of face massage that we do not know. The important of face massage is stimulating the face muscles with regular massage helps to bring oxygen to that area, which is a natural form anti aging skin care in itself. Other than that, face massage can make more blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to the complexion. Face massage also can help to release our tension. A tense facial muscle will create more stress on our skin thereby causing more wrinkles. So with do a face massage will help our skin muscles toned and relaxed and will make us looking young for longer. The last but not least is reduce congestion. Face massage can help relieve the allergy symptom congestion by improving drainage.

Another form of Ayurvedic Skin Treatment uses Medicated powders and fresh herb paste to alleviate any disease. It is a great Ayurvedic Treatment disease because the pack of paste and powders is removed after drying up, which reduce pain, swelling and temperature. This treatment also give you an opportunity to experience the feeling of exotic herbal on your face. Mukhalepam or also known as Lepam is a simply a skin therapy which involves massaging your face with these natural creams. This herbal pack is made of various herbs and packed into a paste. It keeps the skin looking young and wrinkle-free. Using that pack will prevent the skin from discolouring and it can also help with sunburn. Each skin type of warrants a different herbal combination.

Other than that, Lepam treatment is done in two ways which is the first one is Facial (Mukhalepam) and body(shariralepam). In Mukhalepam therapy, a detailed treatment is given to face, neck and head. A mix of herbs along with medicated oils and churna is combined to a thick paste. This therapy also can alleviates stress in the face by working on the vital areas of the body by applying herbal skin paste. For the Shariralepam, initially deep oil massage is given on the body especially to the spine, lower back, shoulder and others. This activates the energy channels of the body. Later blend of herbal and medicated oil, dried herbs and others. This is made to lepa and applied to the body. The banana leaves are wrapped over the lepa to maintain warmth and the last step is the lepa remove using milk leaving nourishing and rejuvenated skin.

There is a lots benefits of Lepam treatment that we will get after doing the treatment. The benefits we will feel and get after doing the Lepam treatment is it can make our mind and body relax. It is also promotes better sleep. So this treatment is very suitable for people who have problem to sleep in the night. Other than that, it can help to improves skin condition and open clogged pores. People who have problems at their face also recommended to do this treatment because it can removes pimples and dark pigmentation. Lepam treatment also can helps in muscle stiffness and back pain and acts ad a scrubber to the skin and remove dead skin.

Other than Face Massage and Mukhalepam, there is also have Panchakarma Treatment. In sanskrit Phanca means “Five” and karma means “Procedures”. The group of five body purificatory procedures in Ayurveda known as Panchakarma. These are technically termed as Panchakarma. These are Bio cleansing procedures in Ayurveda. By these methods the toxins accumulated in the body are expelled through the natural orifices of the body. The five body purificatory is Vamana(Medicated Emesis), Virechana(Purgation), Nasyam(Nasal Instillation), Sneha Vasthi(Enema), and Kashaya Vasthi(Enema).

Vamana is excessive toxins collected in the stomach eliminated through mouth by using the procedure called Vamanam. Virechana is excessive toxins collected in the lower intestine eliminated through anus by using procedures called Virechanan and both Vashies. Nasyam is excessive toxin in the upper part of the body which is head and neck is eliminated through nose by using the procedure called Nasyam. Sneha Vasti is refer to to medicated oil enema. It is one of the fie classical Detoxification programme. The last is Kashaya. Kashaya means medicated decoction and Vasti refers to administration of medicine though rectum.

The benefits of Panchakarma it is very much helpful for the complete cleansing of entire body which leads to detoxcification of the body. Other than that, Panchakarma highly beneficial to cure a disease from its root cause and the last benefits is it is highly recommended for all chronic disease.

In conclusion, Ayurvedic treatment can help us to maintain our body mind and spirit. This is because Ayurvedia treatment offers a beauty care procedures using various medicinal herbs, herbal extract and the natural products. The ingredients that they offered is also good for us because it is has been formulated with a thorough understanding of the therapeutic effects if Indian herbs. So people who want to try this treatment can go to Mumbai, India to experience this treatment in person.


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