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Based on the original play of the same name, this production is directed by Kelvin Wong. Which is called 4.48 Psychosis’, written by English playwright Sarah Kane. The original play, which deals with the subject of depression, was highly fragmented with no specified setting, characters or stage direction. This was in part due to Kane’s own battle with clinical depression. With ‘4.48 Psychosis’, you’ll be given a subjective insight into the mind of those who suffer from the illness. Who struggles a lot with the bitter and lyrical meditation. This specific play of hers hits  the audience so deeply at what it means to be truly depressed, it’s scary. 4.48 psychosis represents 4:48 am, the time when most people commit suicide. It somehow shows us on  how horribly, yet beautifully,and intense the play is . In fact, this was Sarah Kane’s last play before she committed suicide, very soon afterwards. The writing of the play is completely manifested to meet with the minds of those who are depressed, with words scattered across the in their mind ..repeated phrases that has been said by the actress….intense symbolism that is used in the play such as the balloons, the light.. that somehow represents the happiness in life and much more. The play consists of an inner monologue about the feelings and experiences of Sarah Kane. This is intersected by a dialogue between her and a doctor. The central aspect of the play is the unanswered love to a person she will never meet. It causes the pain she describes in her monologue. Her medical treatment in hospital influences the drama. She wants to detach the body from the soul. In this moment she can only be by herself, especially when she cuts her arms. It gives her the energy to go on because she wants to live. In the end she hasn’t got the strength to carry on because her love is unrequited. The psychosis on 4.48 shows that this is the result of the lack of happiness in her life. The problems she shows us in the text are common in everyone lives but it is not as extreme in ours as in hers. 4.48 Psychosis is a dark journey through the life of a mentally ill young woman. It somehow give the audience a big impact to realise that depression is real. It can happen to anyone. Adults, the youth even to younger kids. The society need to be exposed on how to handle these cases. We need to have the knowledge about this issues since it is getting worst day by day. We do not want more people ended up dying like Sarah Kane.Many people with depression don’t have the typical symptoms. We need to know about the causes and treatment of depression, with symptoms that include weight gain, sleeping too much, and feeling anxious..


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