Based consistent. The reliability analysis was finalized by

Based on the Table 22, KMO & Batleet test has been performed &the figure shown as variables as Content , Personalization and Consumer control questions were tested by performing Component matrix ,this will validate of each question since values are greater than 0.05, we can accept the questions. Reliability analysisReliability denotes to the repeatability of results.

If the study were to be done a second time, would it produce the same results? If so, the data are consistent. If more than one person is observing performance or some event, all observers should agree on what is being logged in order to right that the data are consistent. The reliability analysis was finalized by assessing the internal consistency of measures conducting inter-item consistency reliability through testing Cronbach’s coefficient alpha. The test results are illustrated in Table 4.5”.Table 4.

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5: Measured internal consistency of each variable through Cronbach’s coefficient alphaSource: Developed by the ResearcherThe criteria given under the rule of thumb and the study outcomes differences that the minimum threshold limits were full filled under Cronbach’s coefficient alpha. Thus the reliability analysis for all data obviously approves that the questionnaire fulfils the result criteria.The results of factor analysis, validity analysis and reliability analysis showed confirms all criteria are fulfilled.

Thus proceeded in continuance of the analysis.4.1.2 Reliability and validity for qualitative data analysisThe qualitative data were composed from purposively selected mobile phone users and at the same time the users were selected from the XYZ company mobile network being used , steps have been taken to make the respondents comfortable .Thus created an atmosphere for a maximum honesty in feedback.

Based on the validity of the research question the data received were very comprehensive, the defendants giving explained detailed insight to many unknown sides. The analysis of qualitative data were completed relating the thematic analysis approach in the step by step order specified by Braun and Clarke (2006). Evaluating the recognized themes were validated at the early and later stages of data analysis to establish validity and reliability.

Thus it was recognized that the research findings are reliable and can be believed as true thus credibility was certain.It was obvious that the same results were repeatable and having a consistency assuring that the results are reliable. The results complete that all criteria were pleased as per criteria stipulated by Braun and Clarke (2006) and by satisfying the indicators credibility, transferability, dependability and conformability as stipulated by Lincon and Guba (1985). Thus continued in extension of the analysis.4.2 Data presentationPresentation of collected data were concisely explained using pie diagrams and graphs for the clarity of accepting before showing the data analysis under ‘Section 4.

3′. 4.2.1 Demographic informationThe questionnaire was distributed to a sample of employees based on quota sampling. The demographic information gathered are under gender, age category, level of employment and work experience in the organization. Gender distributionThe gender distribution based on the sample is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.

1′. Figure 4.1: Gender distribution (Source: Developed by the Researcher).The gender dispersal was recorded as 25.

5% females and 74.5% males of the total sample. 4.2.1.

2 Age distributionThe sample of one hundred and fifty seven employees contrasts a vital fact in regards to the employees’ age distribution. A total of 68% are within 18-35 years, which the highest been 44% within 26-35 years and 24% within 18-25 years. The lowest percentage of 5% is recorded for above 45 years.

The results for age distribution is illustrated in ‘Figure 4.2’.


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