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Based on the issue of the related article, we can understand that Human Resource (HR) function plays an important role in a company. It’s a complex role because the employee have to pay attention to the company’s needs and goals by ensuring employees’ rights and needs to meet the criteria. The department’s responsibilities vary from benefits and compensation to training and organizational effectiveness. Human Resource (HR) is most effective when run by a skilled and well-rounded staff with a reputation of being trusted with important confidential information. An effective HR department helps the company culture grow with the business and becomes the path to honest and valuable feedback from the employees to the leaders of the business. Finally, an effective HR department must look ahead, they must apply knowledge of the whole business, moreover, and it can use that to contribute to the growth and strategic direction of the entire company. However, the changes that need to be done majorly is to emergence of internet-enabled technologies as this helps to connect from one to another and explosion of the global economy.

Effective organizations need to understand how they’re different from other businesses delivering similar products. In other words, organizations need to know and utilize their unique culture to maintain a competitive advantage. Other critical aspects of organizational effectiveness that HR can impact are to hire employees who thrive in that culture, which have the talent in them. Moreover, by ensuring there are common systems that provide honest and valuable feedback to all levels of the organization and to create methods of engaging employees to use their best talents. Furthermore, is by ensuring employees understand the company goals with regular updates and how the employees can affect those goals and to provide an environment of continuous improvement, collaboration and teamwork. Lastly, by nurturing the employees to be the best that they can be and to provide them with succession planning and to have the opportunity to grow with the company.

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HR needs to partner with leadership on innovative programs that could include leadership development programs by combining theory and practice with assignments. This is actually help them to boost their enhancement and creativity. Moreover, Cross development and continuous development teams that solve real problems in effectiveness and efficiency. By having mentor programs will help to share their product and services to the new employee or as a guidance to help the weak once. Lastly, new hire onboarding that provides new hires with a clear picture of company culture, history and goals of the organization.


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