Based Occupational inactivity and poor business activity

Based on data from the Central
Statistical Office, it can be concluded that women with disabilities are far
less economically active than people without disabilities. Occupational
inactivity and poor business activity of this social group are due, among other
things, to the lack of knowledge of the problems of this environment, the
social anxiety of persons who are not functioning properly, the cultural and
civilizational backlashes, the stereotypes and prejudices of the environment,
and the mental barriers inherent in the disabled women themselves. A large part
of these people can work professionally or even run their own business or
company if they receive adequate support and substantive help. Unfortunately,
due to psychological and external barriers, physically disabled women are not
always ready to take on such a challenge.

Professional activity of women with
dysfunction is a basic and key way to improve their economic status or social
image by changing the perception of the disabled person by the environment. It
allows them to be treated not by the prism of inefficient bodies, but as
persons with specific competences or abilities and  having the same needs, rights and duties as
others. The attractiveness of professional activity is not only on improving the
economic status by increasing income, but above all, creating the possibility
of psychosocial self-realization.

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Self-employement or own business
ensures independence and increased autonomy in personal and social life. It is
about the ability to realize the interests and passions of life, as well as
making decisions and knowingly directing one’s own life. The work properly
suited to professional predispositions, abilities and competences and the type
of qualifications gives satisfaction, meets the needs of social utility and
usefulness, increases the sense of value and stabilizes self-esteem.
Enterprising women with disabilities regain their confidence, they can without
fear and shame to live actively in their environment. The above arguments
indicate that entrepreneurial activation of women with disabilities may be an
important instrument to counteract social exclusion of this group.



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