Bad Bad and good leaders are described

Bad leaders are more like good leadersthan they are extraordinary. But bad leadership clarifies the qualities ofstyle, identity and inspiration that must be taken into consideration in the settingin which they matter. Bad and good leaders are described byattributes, for example –·        Intelligence·        A high level of energy·        A strong drive for power·        Achievement·        Decisiveness·        Determination·        Good at decision makingDifferences between a good and a badleader – GOOD LEADER BAD LEADER Clear Vision Lack of vision Enthusiasm No energy High interpersonal skills Lack of interpersonal skills High communication skills Lack of communication skills No characteristics of dominance High measure of predominance in their conduct High measure of emotional stability Lack of emotional stability Empathetic No indication of being empathetic Exampleof a good leader in India – Mr.Narendra Modi is a case of perfect leader. He is the one with demeanour andextraordinary identity. He is a good orator and knows how to influenceindividuals with content just accurate to put his point clearly. He is withouta doubt attractive as a leader.

Either consider the case of Gujarat or of the presentsituations, Narendra Modi possesses wonderful decision making skills andabilities. Narendra Modi is very sure and confident with the moves he makes. Heis visionary and has the ability to influence masses. He loves serving hiscountrymen and works almost 18 hours every day. His calm attitude makes allother people talk to him frankly and discuss the issues. He is very famous forhis ability to solve lengthy and difficult conflicts. He knows how to use histalent wisely. Example of a bad leader in India – Mr.

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Rahul Gandhi is a case of a leader who hascharacteristics which makes him a bad leader. He has not so far given anyconfirmation of scholarly start. He has not shown any leadership qualities byway of thoughts, ideas and activities. He is neither a decent speaker nor a manwho has any sort of vision for India. His capacity to comprehend andintelligently examine the complex inward and outside issues confronting thenation is yet to be demonstrated. His perspectives have a tendency to beextremely oversimplified and don’t demonstrate wide perusing and a capacity tothink profoundly.

He does not have the functional information required tosettle on important choices.


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