Background social media has attracted attention from researchers

Background of the StudyThis research outlines the usage of social media and the impact of social media on adolescent. For most of the adolescent, social media plays a big role as dominant force in their daily lives.

Nowadays, social media has attracted attention from researchers around the world because it acquires a worldwide growth. Social media is a group of Internet-based applications which enable users to share the content. (Kaplan, 2010).

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There are varies types of social media includes social networking sites, microblogging, wikis and others.Problem Statement In this digital era, adolescents are immersed in social media. Adolescents today spend more than 11 hours per day on social media. In other words, they spend more time on social media than they do in school (Media, 2013). Social media became a leading activity for them other than sleeping.

95% of adolescents which between the ages of 12 and 17 to be online and 80% of them are participating in vary social media website. 24% of adolescents are uninterruptedly on connected to the Internet and half of them feel that they addicted to their phones (Yolanda (Linda) Reid Chassiakos, 2013). However, it is a common situation for adolescents today to engage in more than one media at the same time like watching television and using a computer at a same time. Undoubtedly, social media provides convenience for adolescents. Social media may help adolescents for raising their self-esteem and “belongingness” (Paul.Best, 2014).

It may indirectly affect the feelings of personal well-being. Social support seeking thought social media such as Facebook which helps to decrease adolescents’ mood (Eline Frison, 2015).Yet, it clearly portrays negative effects on adolescents. The more time they spend online, the higher the risks they disclose and solicited their private information by strangers. For example, adolescents usually like to share their mood in Facebook but it also a place where the adolescents boast about their personal information without being cautious on disclosing too much.

Moreover, the more time spent on social media may increase the risk of Cyber-bullying. Adolescents today rarely have face-to-face interactions (Lisa M. Cookingham MD, 2015). More than 60% of adolescents send or receive text messages after “lights out”, it tends to increase the levels of tiredness.Significance of the StudyThis research highlights the usage of social media and found that adolescents spend too much time on it and it may cause addiction among the adolescents. The research is significant especially for those adolescents and their parents which to help adolescents to understand the impacts of social media and to avoid addiction on social media. In addition, empirical studies that inspect and study the social media effects are few and it has not attracted sufficient attention. Hence, this research conducted to discuss and study the usage and impacts of social media.

Adolescents is a generation of digital natives. They will be controlling and running the world someday. Adolescents act as an important role not only on personal future, but the future of society as a whole.

This research is actually incumbent for adolescents to understand, and help others to understand, on how to use social media productively and responsibly.Research ObjectivesThis research outlines following research objectives:1. To explore the beneficial and harmful impact of social media toward adolescents.2. To access the usage of social media and addiction level of adolescents.Research QuestionThere are two questions to be addressed in order to achieve the objective of the study:1.

How much recreational screen time does adolescents consume daily?2. What is the impact of social media toward adolescents?Expected ContributionThis research may help parents and educators have considerable concerns about the effects of social media on their children and students. The concerns considered such as the privacy, safety, and academic performance of the adolescents.Moreover, this research may inspire and awaken the consciousness of the impacts of social media among adolescents to avoid addiction on social media.

It is also hoped to attract the most attention from government and receive active support from the government to provide nationwide counseling programs and campaign such as “30 hours without phone” for adolescents.ConclusionIn conclusion, social media is an intriguing new environment to study because social media is such an integral part of adolescents’ life. One must point is adolescents who in charge future generation spent too much time on social media. In addition, social media depicts both positive and negative effects on the adolescents.

Yet, there is no denying that social media is useful for adolescents if they know how to control the time that they spent on it.


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