BACKGROUNDDiscuss the problem or need that has led to the proposal. This discussion will be more extensive in an unsolicited proposal.

In the solicited proposal, show that you understand the problem completelyWith all the benefits of smart devices, why doesn’t everyone have a smart home? Other than the obvious reason that it is expensive, the main concern is the security and privacy features that comes with using the smart devices. Internet of Things devices have insecure software because security is still not a priority of the development process. According to a report conducted by HP in 2014, it reveals 70 percent of Internet of Things devices are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. These devices did not encrypt communications to the internet and local networkPrivacy concerns regarding the collection of user data such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, date of birth, financial and health information.

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Discuss the general situation that has led to the current problem (when appropriate) and discuss the significant of solving that problemTalk about the requirements for a solution


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