Background and Methodology of the Research Process essay

Rural teen Pregnancy Reflections. ” Definition of the Problem We have been facing so many teen pregnancies over the last decade, those that live in a rural area has been known to have a higher rate of pregnancy than other areas. This article talks about a Research that was being used to analyze essays to be written by high school students about the teen pregnancy rate in the area. The article talks about the problem with teen pregnancy and how they produce the most premature babies and low birth rates in them.

Another problem is the cost that is associated with medical bills that are being occurred. The biggest social problem that teens face are that they do not get he chance to finish high school, which aids them in falling into the poverty level. Study Purpose The main purpose of this study is to determine how to stop teen pregnancy in rural areas and why are so many are being born premature. The study will focus on the thought process of why teens make the choice of becoming sexual active and risk the chance of getting pregnant and the consequences they will be facing.Research Question Researchers are studying the question of why teens are becoming pregnant, and why the rate is higher in the rural areas. Teen pregnancy occurs because the lack the knowledge of prevention.

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This essay was for the teens and what they thought about the teen pregnancy issue. It also asked them if they thought that teen pregnancy was a problem in their area. Hypothesis This study did not state a hypothesis, but the fact that there is a higher rate of pregnancy in rural areas.This study talks about the difference of how male and females feel about teen pregnancy. This study only has one focus, but the study derives different variables of the hypothesis. The study reviews how teens perceive sex as. By understanding the perspective teens can help shed some barriers on this problem in the United States.

Study Variables The two variables in this study are independent and dependent variables. The independent variables in this study are the essays that the teens are writing, and defining the way they feel about teen pregnancy in the rural areas.The dependent variables are the reasons teen pregnancies occur, which include the idea of whether sex is a good or bad. This study reviews the conception that teens have of sexual activities, regarding the beliefs that they have about pregnancy as well as the consequences that they may have to deal with, for having sex at an early age. Conceptual Model of Theoretical Framework The study uses the theoretical framework for the study. The theories measure the decision making that teens use in determining the risk of teen pregnancy.

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