Back to The Future essay

It definitely revolutionized the movie industry and affected all movies to come b introducing elements that no one has dared to explore. Marty McCoy, a student in 1 985, goes to his dear friend Doc Brown’s laboratory y to play with a guitar amplifier.

However, the Doc tells him he needs help with his new experiment: a time machine built out of a Tailored. Though in disbelief, Marty decides it is b est. to go see and/ or help him. Upon arrival, Marty finds the Doc with the car. He says it runs off plutonium and he has enough to run the car.He demonstrates this by sending his dog o nee minute into the future. Soon after the Libyan terrorists that he stole from come and gun Doc down. Marty successfully escapes but is accidentally sends himself back in time, to the year 1955.

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When he arrives, he catches his dad, George, (now super duper young) spying g on his future mother. He shouts up to his dad, causing him to fall in the road. An once owing car is about to hit George when Marty jumps and pushes him, saving him, an incredible AC t Of bravery.This causes Marty to be injured, and he is noticed by his future mother, Lorraine. S he brings him 2 inside to nurse him back to health, but in doing so, accidentally starts to fall in love with him.

However, she was supposed to bring in George! This has officially stopped the meeting of Martyr’s mom and dad, causing him to not exist in the present, where he came from. Now he needs to get his father and mother to meet in a certain period of time before he ceases to exist. The most obvious technology in this movie is the use of time travel.Marty Ms Fly time travels using a Tailored with a flux capacitor. It is fueled with plutonium, which h is very troublesome for them, as they must figure out how to collect plutonium. How ever, when Marty visits the future, the car gets fitted with an upgrade that allows it to be fueled tit waste and trash instead of plutonium.

Additionally, the car must reach a maximum spree d of 88 MPH to travel forwards or backwards through time, whichever is displayed by the intent reface presented by the flux capacitor.This proves to be a very important factor in the movie, as t he only way they are able to escape certain situations is by reaching this speed of 88 MPH. Back to the future has a major con related to time travel which heavily outwit sighs the pros. It is obvious that when you time travel anything you do, no matter how big or little, can have an impact on future events. In this case, Marty might have never been b Ron, because his mother fell in love with him instead of his dad, and if he didn’t fix it, then he w loudly have existed.This shows that time travel is too risky of a task to pull off, and is not worth any benefits such as adventure.

3 Time travel is an intricate subject that involves forces partially out of our know welled. However, movie producers are able to fabricate details for a good story. In the e example of Back to The Future, time travel brings Marty into another reality where both he and his parents exist together.

In this reality, Martyr’s mother falls in love with him!This prevents he r from loving his dad, therefore making them not be able to have a kid, therefore killing Marty MIMIC! The only way for him to fix this is to insure that his mother and father end up falling in love and having a baby again. Overall, the main technologies in the movie are very different. The idea of a it traveling Tailored is pretty ridiculous, but also very cool. The idea of a hover road is actually quite possible, but not in the next two years. These things Can be great but co old also ruin the pace time continuum, or maybe even gravity itself.

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