Avaya: Best Reporting, IP Contact Center essay

And it is also clear that the competition is gunning specifically for Aviva, touting their packages as doing things better, cheaper, faster, easier, better managed as or with more integrated features than Aviva. Aviva has implemented much of its contact-center call handling and routing right within its Linux-based, PBS operating software, called Communication Manager, or CM. Some very basic call-routing capabilities applicable to contact centers are available to Aviva PBS customers at no extra price.

But most features require contact-center customers to take out additional licenses for increasing levels of call routing and handling sophistication. These PBS software options?called Elite, Advocate, Advanced Segmentation, and Virtual Routing?can add $250 to $650 per concurrent agent, based on a Contact Center with 300 concurrently active agents. Aviva Aura Agent Desktop is used by agents to manage both inbound and outbound voice interactions, as ell as email, web chat, text (SMS), social media, instant messaging (IM), fax, and scanned documents.

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Each agent can be configured to handle up to six interactions simultaneously. The agent desktop interface provides information on the contact history and screen pops, delivering added business intelligence. For voice-based interactions, agents can record a greeting for every skillet they are assigned, and the appropriate greeting is played to minimize repetitive information. For text based interactions, auto responses can be configured and response suggestions offered to agents eased on the context of the interaction.In the multimedia space, all the packages reviewed support e-mail?integrated to varying degrees with their agent client, management, and reporting interfaces.

Most have also effectively implemented Web chat, along with the ability to push and pull Web URL also the implementation of instant messaging and more intense Web collaboration. Below is a table describing Aviva IP Contact Center Multimedia, and Application support. Multimedia, other features supported Interaction Center E-mail Internal (agent-agent-supervisor) Web chat VocalismCustom integration Web collaboration: co-browsing, sharing URL push Y, Browser sharing, URL push Callback Customer can schedule via Web Softened Y, IP Agent softened Presence reporting (SIP-based) Via IP Agent software CRM “out of the box” support (often involves extra-priced integration module, or connector) SAP, Siebel, Peoples, Onyx, and Epiphany Contact centers are not cheap, although neither were their voice-only call- center predecessors. Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership, The future of collaboration does not have to be cost prohibitive.Investment in engagement offers a return for any business. Aviva provides alternatives?the right financial model for the right business solution. Choose from subscription- based payment options, cloud-based applications, and managed private or hybrid networks and infrastructures.

Avis’s open architecture provides feature and investment options for any enterprise. Below is a table showing the Availability, Pricing Of Aviva IP Contact Center Components Contact center package Interaction Center; and Contact Center Express (ICE) Agent seats in contact center (pricing basis) 300 (currently logged-in agents)

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