Autralian voice essay

The Father’s Day scene is crucial and is presented the voice of familial love ND respect as it is related to the question.

This is shown through the miss en scene where the family is close as the use of viceroy also shows that the Kernighan value their tightly-knit family unites. The body language of each character looks very secure, relaxed, happy to help highlight that all the Kernighan value their fathers opinions and film and want to please Darryl. Dairy’s Australian accent and expression “The Best Father’s Day ever” leaves the audience feeling the love within the family.

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Moreover, the humor in Dairy’s expression” but I don’t smoke” shows the typical dry, witty Australian humor. The director also has positioned the family as sitting on the lounge very close together emphasizing the genuine love they have for each other. The use of body language and eye contact are focus on their admiration for each other when they open the gifts which Kernighan’ daughter. Therefore, Rob Stitch uses miss en scene, body language, viceroy and humor tone to present the characteristic Australian voice about familial love and respect.

Another important scene illustrates the notion of egalitarianism when Laurie, Darryl and Danny appear outside the High Court. The humor in the language is used by Darryl which typifies the Susie accent and idiomatic style, which enhances the audience’s understanding of the voice of egalitarianism and mate ship. This is shown when Darryl says “suffer in your socks” and “you bloody ripper’ which are very Australian expressions but also show the voice disdain for authority.

The audience feels a sense of relief when they win the ease.The music also builds the tension through the drumbeat initially which builds up to a guitar melody and allows the audience to empathic and feel the emotion of the situation. Therefore, Rob Stitch creates an Australian voice and creates an authentic discussion of the Australian culture through his skilful film and language techniques to effectively communicate the Australian values and highlight about the idea of Australian voice about familial love, respect, metathesis and egalitarian ism.

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