Automated systems are based on only a single

Automated security systems has been a key to prevent a house/apartment from entrance of unauthorized people or groups from any illegal or unsolicited activities in the periphery of the home. There has been much research done in the design of various types of automated security systems.

Sensor-based systems that rely on contact or movement sensors or contact-based systems such as fingerprint and palm print scan or keypad activation that require substantial amount of contact with an input device. Many security systems are based on only a single system. In an event of system failure or intrusion of the user authentication, there is no backup system to monitor the home continually. This shortcoming can be dealt with using multiple security systems (or multi-layered security systems).

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The basic components of a home automation security system are motion detectors, LPG detectors and smoke detector. In this project we aim to overcome the flaws made by many other security devices as it is most effective in security purpose. It is cheaper and can be maintained easily than any other security device. This device works in two way modes. a. Internal mode b.

External mode


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