Author job was to be a composer but

Author Biography and literary/ historical time period Ford Madox Ford was born on December 17, 1873 at Lawn villas in England, he was the first born of his family, his father’s name is Francis Hueffer and his mother’s name is Catherine Hueffer. After Ford Madox’s birth, his Parents decided to change their last names for Christianity, in which they changed their last names to Ford, when ford started growing up his first dream job was to be a composer but later went after a literary career. Ford’s father would die at the early age of forty-four, so Ford and his brother would go on to live with their grandfather but despite the tragedy, he later would get his first book published at age 17 named The Brown owl. After high school graduation, his grandfather sent Ford and his brother to college to pursue each other’s career. During Ford’s Marriage with Elsie Martindale, many people believed that Ford was in a major affair with his sister-in-law, which the rumors and whispers caused immense amounts of anxiety called agoraphobia (agoraphobia is when someone doesn’t feel safe in a certain situation with no escape or isolation and begins to have major amounts of anxiety), the disorder had Ford sent to Germany


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