Attachment A To D For Project Proposal essay

This should contain a discussion on the general problem to be addressed by the project work. 1. 2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology This should contain the current solutions being implemented and the problems with each of these. The discussion could either be in chronological or logical order. This should include only enough detail to show the specific improvements introduced by each. This should lead to the specific problem that the proponents intend to address.

The information regarding the technology or field should be contemporary and not based on outdated sources. 1. 3 Project Rationale This should point out how finding a solution to the specific problem is beneficial. PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2. 1 Problem Statement This could be either in question form or as a declarative statement. The major statement or question may be followed by minor statements or questions. This attempt to focus on a stated goal gives direction to the research process.

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It must be limited enough in scope to make a definite conclusion possible. 2. 2 Proposed Research Project 22. General Objectives This should contain a single paragraph describing the general objective of the project. 2.

2. 2 Specific Objectives This should contain a list of the specific work that the proponents expect to address to arrive at the accomplishment of the general objective. 2.

2. 3 Scope and Limitations This should contain the basic assumptions within which the project should work the solution to the problem. Consequently, this should also contain the extent of the prototype to be developed and the means by which the proposed system is to be evaluated on its capability of solving the problem.

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