Atmospheric Issues essay

All of the companies have been recommended by the state department of economic development. The three different industries were a warehouse distribution center, a car manufacturing plant, and an oil refinery. The warehouse distribution center, Direct 2 U, is a furniture distributor that would employee 250 people with no jobs going overseas. Many employees would be living in the city spending money and paying taxes; which will help maintain the local economy. Direct 2 L], would need to build a building big enough to store the furniture, garages for the ruckus, and a parking lot for employees.

The company says that there would be little to no emissions even though there would be many large trucks entering and leaving the city. The next option was the car manufacturing plant, Epic Generation Automotive, a hybrid car manufacturer. This company would employee 1 ,OHO people from Sparkled, with a wide variety of career opportunities. This company would help economic development by having the ability to grow. The company is focused on being “green” and using “green” technologies to minimize their carbon footprint. Green technology is seed for the intent to reverse or mitigate the effects of human activity on the environment. “Green Technology – What Is It? “, 2015). The last option to create new jobs for Saukville was the oil refinery. Reliance Oil would hire 2,000 people for their company, also with a wide variety of job skills. They have a strong history of economic impact and community involvement. Reliance Oil has substantial economic effects on similar communities like Saukville. Those communities have been positive, substantial and on-going. They do have SUcceSS around the world even though having an Oil refinery lilt In a city can be controversial.

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Before deciding on which company to have built in Saukville, we need to know how much and what kind of pollution they would be contributing. Water pollution occurs when harmful chemicals are added to natural water. Direct 2 U would contribute to water pollution when they are washing their trucks. The soap and chemicals used to keep the vehicles clean could run-off into the ocean that is near Saukville. Epic Generation Automotive recycles water and waste at their factory. They would be recycling over 50 percent of the water used for manufacturing with onsite treatment.

The chemicals that are used to treat the water could run-off into the water ways. The oil refinery says that they are using the best practices to control water consumption and waste. The water can be polluted from wash water and seepage from waste tanks. The three of these companies would affect outdoor air pollution from vehicle emissions, smoke stacks, and carbon dioxide emissions. The indoor air pollution would increase and cause some people to become sick. Point source pollution is released directly into the atmosphere from specific sources of pollution, such as industry or motor vehicles. Kibble & Harrison, 2005). The point source of water pollution would be from all runoff of waste water. All three companies could have this point source pollution. Non-point source pollution is non- direct way to pollute the water. This occurs when it rains; the rain picks up and carries away natural and human made pollutants that get deposited into the coastal water and ground water. Air and water pollution that is generated from the companies can impact the health of Sparkler’s citizens, the local ecosystem and the local economy.

The air pollutants can be in the form of particulate matter which is very harmful to human health. If there is a long exposure to this form of pollution it can cause short term and long term effects. The short term effects include irritation of the eyes, nose throat, and upper respiratory system. The long term effects include chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and damage to the nerves, liver and kidneys. The air pollution will affect the animal health, which will affect the animals’ local economy by reducing tourism.

Some solutions to the air pollution include using wind and solar energy, control in manufacturing activities, and using a train, bike or bus to travel. Water pollution can affect the health of Sparkler’s citizens. The chemicals and untreated waste water is a threat to the city’s health. Water pollution can cause reproductive damage, central nervous system damage, and cancer. Excessive nutrients in water cause excess growth the aquatic plants. This would harm the amount of fish in the waters and decrease the city’s tourism. Some solutions for water pollution are through education and increasing awareness.

Direct 2 LLC would not be able to wash their trucks and let the eater runoff. Proper disposal of chemicals and paint along with not littering can improve water pollution. Epic Generation Automotive is the best company to have built in Saukville. Not only will this company provide 1,000 jobs for citizens, it is all about being green. This company’s mission is to protect air quality. They will be using retention ponds to redirect carbon dioxide into them, which will be on site. The algae in the pond will convert pollution into harmless organic materials.

According to Defenestration (201 5), a retention pond is a low laying area hat is designed to temporarily hold water, while slowly draining. The factory will be built with the latest advances in air scrubbing technology. Air scrubbing technology is used to remove the carbon dioxide from the air; they are located in the smoke stacks. The company will be using zero emission commuter buses to transport the employees. Generous employee discounts on hybrid vehicles will be given, and there are emission checks on the transport trucks every 5,000 miles. This will ensure that there are limited amounts of pollution being created.

To educe water pollution the company will be recycling water and waste at the factory’s onsite treatment and reclamation factory. Epic Generation Automotive has a sustainability plan. The company will be using education and outreach programs to inform the community. They will hire a fulfillment education coordinator to lead efforts in conservation and sustainability in Saukville. This will be the best option for Saukville because hybrid cars have a huge growth opportunity with a long and healthy economic future. Epic Generation Automotive will be good for all businesses n Saukville.

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