Athletes in yourself, so you can perform

Athletes all across the world have or had some type of motivation during their road to success. Motivation, in my own words, is something that drives you and push you harder so you can accomplish your goal. Every athlete should have motivation. It drives you and gives build confidence in yourself, so you can perform and accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. To improve your performance you need determination and desire, and all of your other factors like intensity, focus, and emotions. To be the best athletic player you can be you will need to be motivated to do anything that it takes to increase your skills and to aim high for your goals.

If you’re athlete and you want to perform at your high, you must start the process of growing and developing as an athlete. You have to maintain and stay solid until you have achieved your goals that you have set. In sports motivation is very important. Athletes must be willing to face all of the droughts. Like pain, fatigue, boredom, and the desiring of doing other things.

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Motivation will greatly impact every athlete. It impacts everything pertaining your performance like, your condition, tactical and technical training, mental, and general lifestyle. The reason motivation is very important to each and every athlete life is because it’s the contributor to their performance. Athletes can also have low motivation, showing signs like a lack of desire to work hard, giving less effort, skipping practices and shirking workouts, and being inconsistent. Some athletes will lose sight of their goal and will have no motivation to drive them. If you don’t have motivation to push you to become the best it’s no point in playing the sport. Your motivation is your foundation to making you perform and to compete at a higher level.

Athletes can get motivation from anything. Athletes may get their motivation from how they were raised to what their individual hopes and dreams are. Most Athletes motivation is Fame and Money because of the perks you obtain from them. You shouldn’t let your motivation die because things may not be going your way. Fight to become the best player out of the many. The numbers are made to discourage you, clouding your judgement, making you think it’s not for you. If you really want something you’ll go get it. You have to believe in yourself and don’t let anything stop you.

Like for instance, some people may use a loved ones death as motivation. Death plays a major role in motivation because the athlete begins to take his/her sport to a personal level driving their ambition. Thinking about a loved one and it will give you the energy and fuel to go harder. Love is important because once you love something you’ll do anything to make that situation or thing better. If you love your Son, wouldn’t you do all it takes to see him happy and be the greatest he can be. It works the same with basketball, if you truly desire the game and love it you’ll put for your best effort towards it. It does something to you mentally and physically and that’s what drives you.

It’s said that motivation comes from the cerebral cortex. Motivation is more of a feeling then it is a human process because you don’t know what truly drives you or how you really feel about the particular situation. There are different types of motivation, for instance, intrinsic motivation. Intrinsically drive players to play in sport for several types of reasons, for pure enjoyment, happiness, and satisfaction, and intrinsically pushed athletes typically to concentrate on skill development and growth. Better task-relevant focus, greater satisfaction, fewer changes (ups and downs) in motivation, increased confidence and self-efficacy, less distraction, less stress when mistakes are made, are all behaviors that are related to intrinsic motivation. Another type of motivation is extrinsic motivation. This motivation comes from situations like social sources, like not wanting to disappoint your mom and dad, or material rewards, like metals, trophies, and scholarships.

Extrinsically motivated athletes try to focus on the competitive or performance outcome. There are also two types of extrinsic motivation, weakening or strengthening. Based on the types of extrinsic motivation, extrinsic may weaken or strengthen the intrinsic motivation in athletes. Let’s talk about maintain motivation. Maintain motivation is not easy. When times gets hard athletes tend to lose sight of the goal they are trying to achieve. When this happens they need to hear positive things like “don’t give up” “you got this” things like that.

That gives them a little push and helps to get some motivation back. Athletes lose motivation because they might not succeed in what they have been working on. They may end up giving up or start lacking in a certain area. Or if they lose a game that they played hard and fought hard in but they lost. There are many ways athletes lose motivation. Coaches play a big part in athlete motivation as well.

They can help develop a psychologically to help motivate athletes with positive and good self-regard by creating self-worth and a sense of belonging and by limiting judgmental comparisons to other athletes’ success. Coaches can also boost autonomy in their athletes so much just by encouraging self-monitoring, performance reflection, and honest opinion of physical and emotional. Athletes need people in their background to keep them motivated. It’s not easy to stay motivated on your own. I’m an athlete myself and I struggled myself along my journey of being successful in basketball. In my own road to success, motivation was something I lacked. I always gave up and never thought I would be able to achieve my goals.

It would be times that I got motivated but it wasn’t for long. But also along the way , I had coaches , family , and friends , that gave me fuel about feeding me stuff that I needed to hear and that was motivation.


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