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At this current time Medtronic’s is looking for new health insurance options.

Company is currently looking at three (3) different health insurance plans for its employees. Difinity currently has three (3) tiers to choose. They range from low, medium and high deductibles. “The deductible for services in-network ranges from $500 to $2,500 for employee plus one or $1,000 to 5,000 for family.” (Herzlinger, Hurwich, ; Bokser, 2018) Out of Network deductible is higher, they range from $2,000 to $8,000.

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Currently HealthPartners and Medica only have one plan to choose, the deductible is higher than the low tier of Definity health. The out of network deductible is the same as Definity health medium tier and lower than Definity high tier. (Herzlinger, Hurwich, ; Bokser, 2018) Another option that Difinity offers is hearing and vision, but it does not cover eyewear, that is the responsibility of the employee. Difinity will cover the exams only. (Herzlinger, Hurwich, ; Bokser, 2018) The other insurance carriers Health Partners and Medica offer 100% payment after a copayment of $10.

Neither of the health insurance carriers pay for hearing aids, eyewear or contacts. (Herzlinger, Hurwich, ; Bokser, 2018) Cambridge Management offers three health insurance options for their employees and families. The plans are common with what current health insurance carriers offer. Deductibles are reasonable, they range from employee, employee with child, employee and spouse or families. The health insurance carriers that Cambridge uses is a PPO plan, High Deductible Plan or an Employee Assistance Plan.

A wellness plan was implemented to reduce the cost for the employees and employers. (Blue Cross Blue Shield , 2018) The insurance that if offered to Cambridge employees from Blue Cross Blue Shield calculates out of packet cost an employee can incur, all this is based on the employee’s annual pay.


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