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At the age of 15 I had my first job as a cashier, within an eight hour long training video I was out scanning and bagging items within two days of being hired. From there I went on to be a hostess for a restaurant and it was a similar situation that occured; I was out seating and greeting guest as soon as my paperwork was a finished. All the jobs I had following those places were all similar with the process of getting started and then just throwing their employees out in the working field. These were “jobs”. Which meant any one could be easily trained and ready to work within hours or days of being hired. Even once I became a dental assistant that I had realized that i had yet to  begin a profession. For an occupation to be considered a profession it requires three central features: extensive training,significant intellectual component, and important service to the overall well being of society. Not all jobs are professions, I will argue that a dental assistant is not a profession. Although to become a dental assistant you are not required to get a four year degree, you do undergo some training but not as extensive. In my case I went to school for nine months and followed that with an internship for three months. After the three months of internship I was required to take the State Board Exam to offcially become a RDA (registered dental assistant). Within the nine months of school I had been trained and prepared to work as a dental assistant. Since I had this training it didn’t take long for me to adjust myself to work in a dental office. I knew the basics of being a dental assistant, I just had to learn the way the dentist preferred to work.Which did not require much significant intellectual component from my part. Everything that I had been trained for was the same, same instruments, same machines, same procedures, just different dentist and patients. As a dental assistant job was simply to assist the dentist. By me doing my role, the dentist was able to do his job. I merely contributed to the dentist’s needs, goals, and purposes while he contributed to the patient’s needs goals and purposes, which therefore contributed to the general well being in society. Although to be a dental assistant it does meet two of the three common features of credentialing, group of members, and professional autonomy. One of the groups that I was involved in was called American Dental Association, they planned seminars to continue to earn credential and learn about new techniques and equipment in the dental field. As for professional autonomy, I was on the Dentist schedule. Where ever he needed me to be I was, If he had a client that was taking longer than expected I was required to stay. I worked on his schedule not mine. The needs my occupations serves are not as important. We simply assist the dentist for his needs. The dentist is providing a much greater need than we are. We are there to fulfill his or her needs so that the dentist can fulfills his patients needs. To do a great job as a dental assistnat we need alot of time. Time is always an enemy, because we usually always run out of it. To do our job correctly we need to pace ourselves and try not to rush with our patients, that way the patient is content with his service and we keep all other patients happy by keeping on schedule. In conclusion I have supported my argument that being a dental assistant is merely a job and not a profession by using the definitions and requirements that qualifies to be a profession. This job meets only some and not all of the central and common features of a profession. Although there is an Opportunity, a Need, and an Obligation it is mainly towards the Dentist while us, the dental assistants, just do as we are told and follow the dentist instructions.


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