At trained individual doesn’t do that. Instead,

At present, it is no longer necessary to learn first aid.

It is the same as when an accident occurs and is not immediately provided for initial relief due to lack of knowledge. When an accident occurs, people will just look and pass by. It does not even teach children to learn about first aid. It often teaches when it is big enough or they will enroll to learn it. With the use of first aid, one may help assure that he or she does the proper methods of giving medical assistance.

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According to Eisenburger (2015), this should be part of basic health education. One problem faced by a layperson on giving first aid is the fear of being at fault. Establishing the capability to save another person’s life is the most suitable reason to learn first aid, and to inspire others to gain basic first aid knowledge as well.

Although someone will have the initiative to help you in an emergency, an experienced person will have much more confidence and will do what is right. Difference in a life or death situation can be seen because medical help will not always be available to get to the victim quickly enough to save them. According to Mcqueein (2014), Whether you are a big family or a small one, you should know how to do first aid that can help you greatly. In case of any incidents at your home such as burns, choking, fainting just to name a few. Having a knowledge in basic first aid could make a big difference between life and death. It is essential for parents and also responsible family members to do this.

According to Shemane (2015), The main goal of First Aid is to lessen the injury as well as the suffering of the individual so as to save him from a possible disability and even death. Typically, people get to panic during emergency cases, but a trained individual doesn’t do that. Instead, he rushes to the victim and provide an immediate treatment. The employees should know how to do first aid. According to Caldwell (2017), Not all jobs can be threatening, and every employer has the responsibility for the safety of the members of their manpower. The employers should provide first aid training to their employees. According to Touhey (2016), It is undoubtedly true that training for first aid helps save lives. Immediately directing the best suited first aid can help shorten one’s recovery time.

Being calm helps you recall the steps you need to take in emergency situations. Your knowledge in first aid will make you confident, thus being more efficient and directive in times of need. Injuries or illnesses, unlike other types of accidents are not required to be hospitalized but it still causes distress to the patient. As a first aider, the emotional support you’ll provide to the victim should make them feel comfortable to reduce their anxiety levels. There are cases that if a patient doesn’t get basic first aid care immediately, their situation will deteriorate – often quickly. You can give support to a patient by providing basic emergency assistance until a medical professional arrives.


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