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At Grange House, the young people’s meeting is held every two weeks and one of the areas of discussion is complaints and compliments. When I hold these meetings and come to this section, I ask an open question to no particular individual on how they can make a complaint and give them prompts if needed. I then ask if anyone has a complaint, or anything they are unhappy about and record in the young person’s meeting book to show complete transparency. For anyone that does have a complaint, I will then speak to the complainant to verify what they have said and see if I can resolve it. If not, I will notify the manager and take further direction from there. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent to the young person and their respective social worker and parent (where applicable) updated of the complaint.

A senior member of staff or teamleader will then hold a discussion with the young person and record in detail the exact content of the complaint and will follow the process as per the flowchart detailed in question 3.4.

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