ASTRO replay the best goals from every

ASTRO also form a strategic partnership by integrating with other industry company including social media industry and telecommunications industry company like Twitter and Maxis to expand its market locally and globally through the collaborations. For instance, there is an increasing trend of “near live” sports highlights in online social media platforms, especially in the UK, Sky Sports has cooperate with Twitter to show soccer highlights nearly right after they happen. Thus, ASTRO grabbed the opportunity and collaborate with Twitter to meet the sports fans’ demand in Malaysia especially in the conjunction with the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. ASTRO enables its customers or non-customers to view for the “near live” football match through the Astro Go app or Stadium Astro app that are available for iOS and android devices as well as web browser. Astro Sports Pack subscribers have the options to subscribe for any packages they wish for by paying one-time payment or only pay for the specific matches, while for non Astro Sports Pack subscribers or non Astro customers, they can view the match by purchasing World Cup Channel Pass . ASTRO also allowed its users to replay the best goals from every angle and collection of video clips of the star player of a match.


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