Assistive Technology Are Devices That Assist Special Needs essay

Assisted technologies are devices that assist a special need person with physical or intellectual impairments. The devices help enhance the everyday living. These devices include alternate keyboards, Braille, driving aids, head gears, reading comprehension programs, scooters for mobility, speech synthesizers, and voice recognition software just to name a few. Each state guideline are set differently on how they advocate assistance for the ones with an disabilities, but they all have to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act because the law.

I believe more people would exploit the services for assisted technology and educational resources if it was broadly spread. Individuals and their families would benefit from knowing the information. Some suggestion would be advertising on a billboard’s, on public transportation walls, benches around the cities and counties. The public can view it as they are driving or waiting on the public transit systems or relax in the park.

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Generating flyers that shows a new research that is capable of help he disabled individuals will bring about conversation among the public.Establishing public meeting in areas where low income residents who normally do not attend meets would be able to come because it is held in their neighborhood. Invite researchers to speak to the people in laymen terms therefore, they would have an understanding of how the new technology would benefit them or their family members. Presenting the public with valuable information on what is available to help one live a normal or close to normal as possible are some areas that can be tweeted.

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