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In addition, the US had plenty of domestic problems to deal with, such as the Great Depression. The tide began to slowly change, however, after president Rose belt began quietly speaking out against isolationism. Roosevelt took many actions behind the scenes to help the Allies such as signing the “cash & carry’ policy into law, which allow d the US to sell military supplies, and placing economic sanctions against Japan. 2.

In your opinion, what was the point at which U. S. Actions were no longer nee trial?Explain your reasoning with supporting details from the lesson. In my opinion, the point at which U.

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S. Actions were no longer neutral was whew n Roosevelt exchanged 50 old battleships for the right to use eight British military bases. T he reason I think this was the point at which U. S. Actions were no longer neutral is because e the was the first time that the U.

S. Had directly given aid to a country involved in World Wa r II. In doing so, we let the world know who we supported. 3.Criticize or defend each of the U. S. Actions surrounding World War II that AR e listed below.

Justify your opinion with supporting details from the lesson. Think the 1st Neutrality Act was a good idea because when it was passed in 1 935, the U. S. Had not been directly affected by any of the actions of the warring European nations, and by selling them arms or lending them money the U. S.

Would have been dragged I onto another war only 20 years after World War l.

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