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Assignment Cover Sheet Centre name ____PS Business School____________________________ Learner name ____Hnin Mar Lar Myint___________________________ ABE membership number _____628367____________________________________ Unit Name _____Leading Strategic Change 6ULSC______________ Word count _______________________________________________Learner Statement All work that learners submit as part of the ABE assessment requirements must be expressed in their own words and incorporate their own judgements. Direct quotations from the published or unpublished work of others, including that of tutors or employers, must be appropriately referenced. Authors of images used in reports and audio-visual presentations must be acknowledged. By checking this box, I INSERT FULL NAME am confirming that the work I am submitting is my own and I have acknowledged ALL the sources of reference I have used in constructing my assignment. Date For ABE use only ABE 2nd mark ABE mark (if applicable) Table of Contents Company Background..

.3 Task 1 Vision, Mission Values meaning..

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.4 Companys Vision, Mission.4 Companys Values.5 Leaderships important role..5 Task 2 Evaluate opportunities for strategic change.

PESTLE analysis..6 Analyses how one of these changes will support organizational objectives. Sale, Supply and Manufacture. .

.7 Produce an outline plan to implement and monitor the change..

7 Task 3 Critically analyse how staff within the organization will be supported throughout the change process…

.8 Evaluate the expectations of THREE other stake holder groups (i.e. not staff) of the change together with the methods for meeting their requirements..8 Task 4 Critically review TWO models for the leadership of the change ..

…9 Critically discuss the skills required to lead the strategic change you have identified..9 Conclusion.10 Reference11 Company Background Grand Royal Group (GRG), Myanmar Distillery Co.

, Ltd is one of Beverages company in the Union of Myanmar, that operates distilling, blending and bottling for Grand Royal whisky. It was established in 1995, started 14,560 bottles of first batch with 50 employees. Year of 2017, the total output reach 196 million bottles. Founder, Co-Chairman is Mr Aung Moe Kyaw who started career in Pepsi Cola soft beverage brand in Myanmar.

In 2013 Grand Royal Group was transformed from International Beverages Trading Company Limited approved by Myanmar Investment Commission (MIC) as Foreign Joint Venture Company. Grand Royal has manufacturing plants in Yangon and Mandalay. Headquarters located in Yangon, over eight branch offices across Myanmar housing the sales, marketing and trading arm with distribution network over 200 outlets widely. They are producing like as iconic whisky brands not only Grand Royal Whisky, GR Special Reserve, GR Smooth, GR Signature but also Eagle Whisky, Royal Dry Gin and Royal Lime Gin. Today they are having 70 whisky market share in Myanmar. Myawaddy Myanmar Distillery Co.

,Ltd Royal Club Whisky Product and Asia Beverages Co., Ltd High Class Whisky Product are key competitors with Grand Royal Whisky. Grand Royal aims increase productivity in their plants, deliver premium products with high quality to their customers. Task 1 In the context of your chosen organization, critically analyse the role of the strategic leader in creation and communication the organizations vision, mission and values. Implement a mission, vision and values are important to drive organizations strategic long-term direction. Vision and Mission definitions can be confused, Vision is what wants to become in future and Mission is what wants to do now. Vision must contain that is realistic, attractive for the organization want to achieve in the future. Organization mission statement shows different itself with competitor.

It can show purpose, aim, values and generally statements of vision for stakeholder. Statements of vision and missions essence are Keeping everyone on the same page who involve in organization, including outside stakeholders. Corporate Values identifies how people will be act during the process in the organization. Their beliefs and behaviors are links with organization core values. Leaders should know organizations Vision, Mission, Values clearly then create goals, objectives and actions plans to accept and relevant all stakeholders expectations. Goals are link where will heading to. Leader should be careful set up too many goals will be lose focusing where will be going.

Then objectives come later within the framework of goals. Leaders should communicate with his team members as managers, do they understand and how implement organizations objectives using companys value. Leader make action plans to achieve the goals within the context of vision and mission. It can be facing difficult times, then leaders consider going to be review mission, change existing vision or make new one upon the situation. Grand Royal Vision To be recognized as an outstanding Myanmar Company and a respected leader in the branded bottled spirit industry with the passion for people, product and environment Grand Royal Vision statement shows the objective which position want to be in the alcohol market among all competitors.

Three priorities for actions People, Product and Environment are throughout over twenty years. All the employees strive to create and maintain quality products to ensure that remain one of most respectable in spirit industry. A proof of quality product must be also exceptional and international brand.

Companys CSR initiative vision also support water access, sight surgical operation to some local regional area as environment issues. Grand Royal Mission Be the most admired Consumer Products company in Myanmar with clear market leadership, through a constant focus on our Consumers and Innovation, while being responsible towards our stakeholders for our long-term sustainability. Grand Royals Mission, they aim Control Product branding, principles, practices and guidelines for Stakeholders of the organization in alcohol industry. Mission like Vision showing compete with competitors. Their objective, products brand development innovation must create consistent and continuous improvement for Customers. Technical capability, automation project also a long-term platform for challenging current situation mission. Stakeholders who have interest in the organization also determine the result and maintain the product brand, services in the market.

As a leader of alcohol market initiative practicing and monitoring environmental control. Grand Royal Corporate Values Be passionate Care for Other Honour Commitment Innovate Every day Strive to be the best Stay United Grand Royal Values like the principles of employees ethically. All employees recognize the role are playing with demonstrating respect and commitment among of them. Grand Royal also commit to employees, their workplace act toward fairly and supportively. Building trust each other, what you promise needs to deliver turn to good teamwork and good collaborative spirit.

Stay united also committed as the teamwork between all employees of organization. Management always strive towards creating better communication with the employees to improve their work life value. Grand Royal senior managers when they explain Company vision, mission and values to employees must be simple message that deep in meaning. Calling meeting and showing presentations is easier way communicate to them. Informing sent by email also potent to them without pulling out their workstations. Communication should be more than one-way, top-down correspondence. Managers should allow employee to speak out their understanding upon the communication process throughout face to face discussion, weekly, monthly meeting and online survey like employee feedback forms and suggestions for their opinion. Managers may not be get attention and understanding from all employees in first time, then they may amend their communication ways.

When employees are understood the strategic vision, mission and values, they will be energized. Company should keep on educating and inspiring training to employees upon update company strategic planning process like memos, forums, newsletters, companys website. Leaders message is important to communicate his managers or employees. Grand Royals, board of director (B0D) make the meeting to implement and review for amend company corporate Vision and Mission for 10 years. Management committee make monthly corporate meeting with their executive officers as strategic steering commission (SSC) meeting. In that meeting, give objectives base on company mission to all departments.

Balance score cards (BSC) meeting is set up objectives under corporate to departmental meeting. Upon the objectives, they set up target and measurements like key performance indicator (KPI) for departmentally and all employees. Let employee knows where the organizations position now, how are we going and what kinds of plan implementation actions needs for the future.

The actions provide step by step process within timelines. All the KPI measurements indicate with Red, Amber and Green (RAG status) on achievement percentage upon department. All employees also get the KPI score in end of budget year. Base on yearly KPI achievements, all the employees attain bonus scheme including incentive program. Task 2 For your chosen organization and using appropriate tools Evaluate opportunities for strategic change.

Political Analysis Government was cracked down on alcohol distributors by surprise liquor license across of Myanmar in Aug 2016. Most of import liquors selling in Market almost stopped because of unlicensed brand. For Grand Royal as local brand Whisky had chance to increase selling in market. Market growth is expected although much depend on government alcohol control. Economic Analysis Myanmar as developing country, low income consumer will shift illicit products to packaged items, while mid and high-income consumer will trade to premium. Mid income consumer group are expansion in the country is new group of alcohol drink consumer. Grand Royals product sales growth also expects to increase while alcohol market growth with all income groups. Social Analysis Country of Myanmars median age is 28 years old in 2016, which is helping to growth for alcohol drinks market.

Most are interested in global lifestyles. Young mid-income is socializing increase in bars after work or at weekends. Thats seeing to continues annual growth around 1.

This trend is encouraging to expansion bars, restaurants. Technological Analysis While economic growth, Peoples salary income increase as basic wages. Currently, minimum wages of Myanmar labor are MMK 3,600 per day. Most of industries in Myanmar are using on people manpower. All manufacturing industries using with Manpower to make the products start considering to changing manual to auto machinery in production process.

As manufacturing company, Grand royal also make project plan to change manually to automation system. Legal Analysis April 2016 consider taxation system for alcohol, that introduced for local alcohol brand with based on retail price. Spirits face scale form MMK 56/litre up to MMK 3,375/litre, while premium products over MMK 20,001/litre are taxed at 60.

The scale aims to minimize prices for economy products and encourage shift from ilicit alcohol. Environment Analysis Along with economic growth, environment was greatly harmed cause by air pollution, water pollution and wastewater disposal. According to the report of Green Images of Myanmar, are 25 distillation alcohol plants are operating. Waste water drainage from those factories 4 million gallons per day. Out of those factories only 4 distilleries have proper waste water treatment system.

Grand Royal is among of 4 distillation factories. Analyse how one of these changes will support organizational objectives. According to economic analysis Grand Royals product sale growth, company make objective maximum profit is important while controlling minimizing losses. To maximize profit, Grand Royal must be care in productivity and cost controls. Cost control factors are Inventory value, Raw materials purchase value and products maximum output upon sales, supply and manufacture. Sales One of cost control factors, inventory value Sales team, need to set products sale forecasting based on historical data, account value, market trends.

Sales managers need to look simply at previous years revenue and what is reasonable growth to market. Sales forecast is critical for budgeting, raw materials purchasing, manufacturing scheduling, inventory management, product planning. Sales managers need to consider demand planning like maintain finished goods inventories, plan for raw materials replenishment and plan for production also. When forecast accuracy is low, will be organic rub between sales team and demand planning/supply team then effect to product output. Supply Supply chain department also important role to supply correct level of raw materials for production to fulfill the sales forecast and demand.

If Sale forecast higher or lower, affect to raw materials supply and product manufacturer fail to balance demand with supply. Sales volume higher than forecast, raw materials supply will shortage. It turns poor customer service, low inventories, cash flow difficulties and failure to meet planned. Sales volume lower than forecast, materials stocks are stocked because of slow-moving products. Sales and Supply chain department make the monthly sales and operation planning (SOP) meeting helps better manage demand against supply. That meeting makes guidelines proactive optimal performance for better manage organization process. Manufacture To maximize output with effective production capacity, Manufacturing department need to plan with on-time raw materials supply, improve process capacity with reduce wasted time and more importantly is create quality products for customers.

Production manager produce the output according to plan throughout raw-materials supply. Ensuring that on-time raw-materials have been received that can meet production capacity. Productivity improving in Manufacturing need to capture on materials waste. Wastes is based on human and process factors. To control maximize output while reduce waste, company must consider new technology system for manufacturing. Produce an outline plan to implement and monitor the change. Grand Royal managements start notified to change manufacturing division need to change manual to automation. They will alert to manufacturing senior managers to be preparing for automation change plan project.

Manufacturing senior managers explain plant managers who work with believable why we are changing from manual to automation. Without actively engaged for participation, the change can be occurring fail in organization. Plant managers need to explain employees changing plans in the manufacturing organization that proposed change is feasible and desirable. When explain the plans needing to be clear and realistic measure target.

Upon the changing project, some employees face the problems that need training and development that helps by managers. While on automation changing period make review meeting and reporting feedback from employees. For reviewing all employees performance on changing process will give the Key performance indicators (KPIs) measurements. All the employees may not like all the changes, but managers keep explaining how the organization standing in present and if accept and try all the changes will be better organization and their lives in the future. Task 3 With reference to the change you have analysed in task 2 B and your outline plan from tack 2 C Critically analyse how staff within the organization will be supported throughout the change process. While company changing manual to automation changing process, firstly, identified the area of change that will occurred then identified the associated employees in those area.

Some employees can be re-train for a new role while some can be moved to other role but mostly likely some will be let go (retrenchment) who not accept in changing. Then, company should be focusing more on those employees who accepted to change that will be required to be train or moved to other areas. Providing them with their new job role and responsibilities. Communication is key to let them understand why is being done and how is benefiting the company and their job security.

By communicating to group as first and then individual after selection has been completed. This will insure no miss communication or rumor spreading because these will result in moral degrading. Then training can start for those required to be re-train or those that will move into a new role. For Grand Royal manufacturing division, 70 of the staffs is daily worker while 30 is permanent staffs the focus will be more on the 30. While daily worker may consist of the huge amount of labor but they are unskilled and can be easily find alternative jobs in the surrounding area.

Evaluate the expectations of THREE other stake holder groups (i.e. not staff) of the change together with the methods for meeting their requirements.

While all the changing process at the company, the government labor department will need to be notified so they can assist in labor relocation or legal matter. Certainly, they will be required to be compensate according to the labor law and all legal matter be consider. The labor department can help by considering company that is hiring so notice of hiring can be provided to the unemployed. Since there is no Union at Grand Royal Factory so there wouldnt be any involvement from this aspect.

For the consumer group since we are acting in accordance to the labor law and not illegally there wouldnt be much that they can complaint about. They can use the Moral issues. When large amount of people losing their jobs certainly media outlet will pick up this news of why workers being layoff but this is part of automation and modernization process which everyone company and every country go through. These will have some negative news affecting the company but only for a few days so no long-term damage. Task 4 Critically review TWO models for the leadership of the change.

As Transactional leaders, they allow compliant from employees and motivate to them with rewards and punishments. In the reality, leader should be solving the problems together with employees and take responsibility. Transaction leader are same as that and changing slowly for the process. They dont make transform quickly because of high risk to them. And they dont let the employees thinking to creatively and independently. The leader solves the problems within present condition and boundaries, not like think out of the box. Transaction leaders are motivation in self-interest of the employee and they aware achieving goal of individual, not the team or group.

As Transformational leaders, they are strongly pushing to inspiring of the change process. And let the employees to do creativity and let them think out of the box. They build their pride under control and not let interfere by others. And they are highly motivation and push that into their team or organization. They can take the risk that can be solve together with their team members. They are willing to research and make tough decisions if that can be good effective to organizations objective. Transformational leaders act proactively and show guideline to the employees what they desire.

Critically discuss the skills required to lead the strategic change you have identified. Upon the changing objectives to automation, Leaders need to be Transformation. Company successfully standing over 20 years in the alcohol market, most of the employees are royalty, fixed mind in the organization. When managing the human beings mind set changing is very difficult than managing machinery. Most of the developed country also they are using machinery more than human beings. To be management all the employees who have long service need to be fair and tough. Conclusion According to writing and analysis Grand Royal Company, can be seen important of Vision, Mission and Values in the organization.

Upon the Mission make the goals, objectives for all the stakeholders of organization in long-term going. Managements also review the direction of Mission before facing the difficulty, problems for organization. As the Leader need to communicate with the employees and give the clear messages and instruction. Leader should make plan of mission direction change and monitor throughout the changing process. At the same time Leaders should be encouraging and supporting all the employees needs as rewards or punishments through training and experiences.

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