Assignment value of what can they do. South

Assignment 6Greenies Save the RhinosMy original answer is E “we should save the Rhinos because it is the right thing to do”. The reason why I choose this it’s because of the Bill of Right Affirms state that everyone must protect the environment. All living creatures have the right to life regardless the value in humankind.

Also, when look at the bible God has given us a responsibility to look out after everything which include animals.My answer has not changed because Rhino have intrinsic value, they have value in themselves, the beauty in them. They are important because of the are part of our natural heritage. The Rhino has also instrumental value, the value of what can they do.

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South Africa has more Rhinos than any other countries but they are being killed. Rhino is one of the “big 5” which attract tourist who bring money to our country and it create job opportunities. I do practice the value because I believe that we should protect the nature. I am against those people who kill our Rhinos because they want to sell them and make medicine. Answering you question that say, “why we should protect Rhinos”.

Rhinos play a significant role in the ecosystem, they are an umbrella species. This means their survival directly impacts the survival of other species mammals, birds, and insects. They enrich the soil and help plants by spreading seed through their dung. We are guardians of this planets so we are the ones who are capable building or destroying it. We should also keep in mind that without Rhinos, there is no tourism and no tour guides, drivers, lodges employees, restaurant employees.

It is all our responsibility to protect this Rhinos.


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