Assignment linked to another group of people

Assignment 5B: Video the Wisdom of Sociology: Sam RichardsErin Lyons RNImmaculata UniversityThe Wisdom of Sociology: Sam Richards What is the wisdom of sociology? The wisdom of sociology is what links our private life to a larger society.

Every choice we make and even our most private decisions are linked to another group of people going through the same issue. In this paper, I will discuss the wisdom of sociology by Sam Richards. I will discuss if a agree or disagree with his point of view, what I learned from this video, and how I found his point of view interesting. Sam starts off this video by discussing his younger years and how he believed freedom and independence where the two most important things in his life. To achieve happiness in life we most shape the outcome.

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He believed that we make free decisions and create our own destiny. What changed his point of view one day was when he had mentioned an experience he had with his wife, who at the time was his girlfriend, interjected her beliefs of how society always influences your choices even at the most private moments of one’s own life. He used an example of suicide and even taking your own life you are still linked to a larger group of people.

He said suicide rates are steady over time, so if 100 people decide to take their lives than the next year the number will be about the same. Sam Richards states, “So these persons are sitting here, in this private moment of despair, thinking that they are making a free decision, but they are embedded into a structure. This structure that leads all people just like them, who are sitting in their private moments of despair, to make decisions in coordination somehow.” What he is saying in each private decision we make we are never alone. We will always be apart of a group. I never really thought of this idea when I was thinking about my own personnel problems I have encountered.

Since watching this video, I do agree with this theory. Yes, we all have problems to overcome but we are not alone. We all tend to overthink or over analyze our personnel situations, what we don’t think is about how many other are going through the same exact problem. We will always be connected to others in some way. Things are not what they seem and major events in our lives our shaped by society and have greater depths.

I have learned a lot from this video, I realized that any problem an individual has is not just your problem but a problem of everybody. This means that when you do something your doing it for a group and when the group does something their doing it for you. You may not know this group but there are other people making these same decisions as you.

The example he used was his wife going through perimenopause. Although they tackled this transition together as a couple they still were a part of a larger society or group of people dealing with the same exact experience. This example shows how the struggle kept him connected to society.

In conclusion, this was an interesting video. I learned to think about how major issues have affected my life, but I never once thought how others just like me were affected. Its good to know your not alone in the world and you not just the only one facing difficult times.

This video taught me how to look outside of the box. It’s a way of connecting yourself with the outside world and learning from each other. I like how he ends the video, “I am humanity and we are humanity” we are all connected in the choices we make.


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