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Assignment 1:Gap YearA gap year can enable students to travel around the world and take part in inspirational activities to acquire independent skills. The author believes that youngsters will be able to obtain information about the diverse traditions and work environment; however, the students may also get sidetracked from their education.In my opinion, the advantages of a gap year certainly outweigh the disadvantages. Although a gap year may not be a popular choice, many universities prefer students who have spent a year apart from their studies. For instance, they tend to offer incentives to these students such as financial grants and preferred admissions. Furthermore, through the gap year, students may be able to clarify their goals in life and gain a better understanding of the world. Additionally, a gap year might aid many students who travel away from home to develop a sense of independence, maturity, and discipline.

During the gap year, students take part in various types of work environments. This assists them in getting a better sense of self and it will be easier to pursue a desirable major in university. As well as, it significantly improves their resume as it shows that they have gained an immense amount of professional experience in quite a young age.

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As a result, it provides them with a distinct advantage over other prospective applicants. Throughout their work experience, students may be able to expand their network of friends that can motivate them to be inspiring young leaders. A gap year can be a valuable experience for many students as it will enhance many of their skills. As well as, it can turn out to be a great learning experience that a university and school may not be able to provide. Word Count: 287Assignment 2:Equal Number of Seats Between Genders in UniversitiesThe author believes that universities should not impose limitations on the number of men and women admitted to the university.

The author also states that due to the differences in gender, some subjects may seem more appealing to women. This influence on their decisions might also be because of their upbringing. The author concludes that equality cannot be forced upon and universities should respect the choice of the students regardless of their gender.

I believe that every individual has a right to choose their majors and universities should respect these natural choices. Every individual makes different types of decisions as per their personalities. There are certain courses that are more popular among women such as nursing and psychology.

Similarly, there may be many courses that are more common in men such as mechatronics and engineering. As a result, there might be many vacant seats in those fields that students may fail to occupy due to gender restrictions.In the last decade, universities often submit acceptances on the basis of merit and academic records.

If they send out acceptances as per gender, it might be unfair towards those highly academically qualified students who may not be able to occupy seats due to the restriction. This type of acceptance may also heavily influence students’ decisions as they will be forced to avoid the fields that are high in demand due to the fear of rejection. In today’s society, a university education is extremely prominent to survive. Thus, universities should be aware of all the factors that require an individual to choose a subject so that they are able to accept the students solely based on their qualifications.Word count: 275Assignment 3: The Effects of Computers on ChildrenThe author believes that the daily use of computers by children benefit them in developing critical skills. From the author’s point of view, children are able to access diverse topics and become independent learners. In addition, it aids them academically and professionally as it is an essential part of university life and it occupies a permanent place in the workplace.

In my opinion, the extensive use of computers can have more negative effects than positive effects on children. Many children become inactive as they prefer to stay indoors and use computers instead of participating in social and physical activities. From a medical point of view, computers can cause many health problems such as weakness in eyesight, back pain, and obesity. This can be due to the strain on their eyes and the constant position of their body without taking any breaks. Furthermore, a lack of interpersonal skills develops due to the constant online interaction on social media. They tend to avoid social gatherings as they fail to interact with people due to a lack of social skills.

Also, dedicating an increased amount of time to computers may lead to depression and loneliness. From an academic point of view, computer games can be very addictive and they can be a cause of distraction from academics. Many computer games are very violent which may lead to changes in children’s’ behavior such as increased aggressiveness.

Especially for young children, it is extremely easy for them to pick up negative traits that they view on their computer screens as this behavior seems appropriate to them. Although computers are an invaluable resource, the daily screen time must be decreased to prevent any physical and mental strains. In addition, it may hinder the children’s’ development causing various difficulties in the future. Word Count: 296Assignment 4:The Justification of High Salaries of Sports ProfessionalsThe author believes that it is unnecessary to award sports professionals a high remuneration since there are many other fields that require years of extensive professional training such as medicine. Furthermore, unlike sports professionals, several professions provide various contributions to society, for example, social workers and professors. However, the author agrees that the rigorous training of athletes is required to reach the peak of their careers. In my opinion, athletes may be wrongfully criticized for their high salaries. From an economic point of view, demand correlates positively with the price.

In many countries, professional sports are a profit franchise and it is a very common form of entertainment. Sports organizations need to hire quality players to gain high revenues; consequently, the demand for these athletes increase significantly. Hence, the limited supply of the players and the rise in demand justifies the substantial increase in their salaries throughout the years. Moreover, athletes are possibly at a high risk of career-ending injuries.

They are prone to several injuries such as brain damage and paralysis that may require expensive surgeries. Therefore, athlete’s careers are often short-lived. Also, professional sports players sacrifice their health and a great share of their family time to their career. Throughout their early years, athletes struggle to get by due to training rigorously and the physical challenges they face to become professionals. They also have to sacrifice their privacy due to the constant media interference in their private lives. In conclusion, there are numerous factors that validate the stupendous salaries of athletes. I believe that sacrifices of time and health truly justify their wages.

Word Count: 265Assignment 5:Importance of Image More Over The Written WordThe author believes that visual expression in various mediums as compared to the written medium has become increasingly popular. For instance, the growing use of video-based learning in schools and visual communication in television. Despite the declining appeal for written communication, it may never be superseded. Visual communication is a great tool for mass communication; however, the written word has equal importance.

In my opinion, visual resources may be portrayed to provide a clearer and better conveyance of knowledge. In today’s evidence seeking world, visual aids may be one of the most effective forms of communication as they enable individuals to comprehend information at a faster rate. Furthermore, they aid in kindling interest that was lost throughout the mundane printed medium. Many young children acquire their general knowledge through the use of meticulously crafted images on television cartoons.

They can easily adopt information even though they have barely learned to communicate verbally. Visual communication may also ensure the transference of a unified message. Many books allow the reader’s artistic mind to wander whereas movies enable all the viewers to have consistent scenery.

Visual aids also allow a reader to save time while still being able to process the same message. It also gives the readers better retention of information; therefore, it is used in many educational institutes. These organizations allow students to think creatively and be consistently motivated.

In conclusion, with the advent of photographic technologies, printed media has begun to decline and a better means of communication has emerged. In today’s society, visual communication is a prominent tool as they enhance a better understanding of information.Word Count: 267


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