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Assessment has an important role within a care setting, as it involves the collecting of information regarding an individual and analysing it to understand what they require to meet their safety and wellbeing needs.

Within St. Mary’s we require assessment tools to ensure that our residents are safeguarded from harm and that their wellbeing is paramount. As a manager it is my responsibility to audit the assessments which the care staff carry out monthly, such as Pain assessment scales, risk assessments, MUST nutrition assessment, WATERLOW pressure sore assessments etc. This means that I ensure that staff are carrying out assessments correctly and that if there are any concerns which have been highlighted by the assessments that I carry out the actions necessary to ensure that the individual’s needs are met. For example, if I notice that an individual has lost 5% body weight within a 6 month period, it is my responsibility to speak to the individual to see if they feel that there are reasons for this, to speak to the relatives of the individual, and to implement a plan to resolve the problem, such as to monitor their intake to see if there are any problems to suggest this weightloss.

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Then using this information gathered I can refer the individual to a dietician, and/or the GP.


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