Assessing the Functional Ability of Older Adults essay

Quality and patterns of sleep Tool- Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index http://WV. Was. Rug/topics/fatigue/decorum .NET/SSI. PDF Perform a spiritual assessment with open ended questions How does spirituality impact healthcare decisions Take into consideration- Culture, pain, cognition, and end of life Cordon’s 11 Functional Health Patterns Cordon’s functional health patterns is a method devised by Marjory Gordon to be used by nurses in the nursing process to provide a more comprehensive nursing assessment of the patient Marjorie Gordon (1987) proposed functional health patterns as a guide for establishing a comprehensive nursing data base.These 11 categories make possible a systematic and standardized approach to data collection, and enable the nurse to determine aspects of health and human function Categories 1.

Health Perception & Health Instrumentalities perceived pattern of health and wellbeing. 2. Nutrition/Metabolic- patterns of Oral initiation and fluids; relative to patient needs 3. Elimination- patterns of bowel and bladder elimination; normal for patient 4. Activity/Exercise- patterns of leisure activities, 5.Cognitive/perceptual- sensory/perceptual patterns; deficits 6.

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Sleep/Rest- sleep patterns 7. Self-perception/ self-concept- perceptions of self, self-esteem 8. Role Relationships- role engagement, social relationships 9. Sexuality/reproduction- satisfaction or dissatisfaction with sexuality 10. Coping and stress tolerance- general coping patterns, stress tolerance

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