As with informal written language, informal spoken language will generally be in a relaxed and casual tone.

The information gained will be used to develop an understanding of what is wanted. The use of informal language can confuse people who have less knowledge of the topic being talked about or don’t understand the casual language being used.Throughout this report it has been found that informal and formal language both have a time and a place to be used. Informal language is more appropriate to use in causal and relaxed situations like at home with family.

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Whereas formal language is important in day-to-day life when addressing people in a professional setting like a job interview. It is important to know when to use which form of language for different occasions. Both styles of language can be used both professionally and personally. As you get to know someone in the professional environment you start to learn who you can and can’t joke with or use a more relaxed tone of language.

However, you always need to maintain the company image. Knowing when to use a style of language, particularly in a professional setting comes with experience, it is something you learn as you progress through life and the variety of situations you become involved in.


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