As should have the best project manager

As this time and age industries do not handle tasks as in the old days individually. Rather, in order to accomplish tasks, organizations hire project managers for business efficiency and effectiveness. It is true that tasks can be done in organizations only by employees and supervisors cooperatively. However, when it comes to a specific task that has a timeline and budget an organization needs to have a project manager to accomplish those tasks. Therefore, to make a profit and to be competitive in the business an organization should have the best project manager available in the market.
I consider myself one of the best PM with the experience that I had dealing with different projects and delivering them on expected time I am the best candidate to finish this project within the expected time and budget. Even if the project is already six months in, I have exceeding qualities of a PM should have which is communication. I believe that communication is a key to the success and failure of a PM. Since a PM needs to work with other team members and I always come up with one structure which is convenient for all team members. This creates transparency for the team members and encourages them to work hard and finish the project. In addition, the success of the project depends on what I offer to the team members, clients, and vendors. Therefore, I offer a better way of communication tools which is by encouraging team members for each accomplishment of their tasks this would bring positive values to the team and the project.
When it comes to technology I have both software and hardware skills which are expected as a PM should have. This will minimize the cost of the project budget of hiring employees. I have depth knowledge of networking and database management. Using my experience of working as a consultant for different companies I would apply my knowledge and experience to finish the project.
The one thing usually helped me for the success of my previous projects which is being ready to learn and like challenges. I have adapted to work in a different organization such that I don’t have a problem working with new teams or clients. Using this ability I can bring enthusiastic energy for the team to accomplish this ongoing project. On the other hand, I am proactive. I assure that there is a way to finish this project without adding additional budget or human resources. In addition, I am a problem solver. Since this project is already in progress. I would like to answer primary questions which what are, why and when the project started to struggle. Based on my analysis I could find the anomalies which hinder the project from progressing. This to solve questions beforehand and it will allow me to save time and allocate the budget properly.
As a PM I have good decision-making skills. Having a good decision maker PM not only important for the team, but also vital for the success of the project. As we all know if a minor decision-making failure it will cost the entire project. Based on my experience I have good decision-making skills which saved different projects from failure. I am confident that if I win this project by applying my decision-making skills I will finish the project on time.
All in all, to finish this project is will not be successful only by PM, it comprises team members, clients, and vendors etc. Even if all the decision making, responsibility, and accountability lie on the hand of the PM, I am ready to learn and share my expertise with all team members. Also, I am capable and have adequate experience to take over and finish this project on the given time. I hope Dr. Rezazad will consider my experience, communication skill, decisiveness and honesty to offer this project. At last, if I get this project I guarantee that it will be finished on time and I will be the favorable PM for the company in the future.


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