As those who are advantaged and disadvantaged;

As a teacherit is important to provide a rich and meaningful educational experience for allchildren. All children entail those who are advantaged and disadvantaged; differentabilities and backgrounds; families and cultures; and etc. Grow as you go, ateacher is a lifelong learner.

We are motivated to learn and develop aslearners as the education system changes and evolves. It is important for teachersto understand the students’ learning styles, so that they can modify their lessonsand assessments. Identifying your students as visual, auditory, reading/writingor kinesthetic learners, and aligning your overall curriculum with theselearning styles, Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences are being implemented in theclassroom for these young learners to develop new skills and nurture currentskills. The curriculum can guide teachers on how to use the standards. As teachers, we understand that education changes,standards are put in and assessments are changed and implemented.

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On top of allthat, we put in all our mind, body and efforts in working with the childrenwith many different needs and our classroom. Planning, preparation, reflectionand collaboration occurs in the classroom, yet this career is sounderestimated. It is important for us to advocate for the career that we dohave that we can speak up and share ideas and opportunities that are needed inthe future. Teachers are role models and mentors to other teachers and students.

The big question is how can we serve the student, meet every need and followcommon core standards? It’s a struggle and as education continues to changesometimes we start to lose commitment. It is important for teachers to rememberthat all their effort is going in to creating and building the mind of a youngchild. Every day, I hope that I can fulfill my role as a teacher to motivatestudents and young learners to keep on learning. As a teacher, I not losemotivation and persistence in my job as well.

It is important that inprofessional learning, the teacher effectiveness increases and that studentslearning shows evidence of continuous improvement, responsibility and classroomgoals alignment. One thing I noticed is that even in a preschool classroom, theremay be a learning goal or target for a specific lesson and there are many timeswhen some students don’t meet the specific learning goal. The teacher thenimplements appropriate research-based strategies to achieve student learningbased on the learning goal. The support that I saw teachers’ have for thestudents with special needs in this classroom was a great influence upon me.The positive learning environment and continuous responsibility of the no Childleft behind act is this playing in this classroom.

It is important for teachersto have high expectations for students and put in all their effort to motivatestudents to achieve their goals. The classroom community is the students andteachers it within their class who share Similarities and differences. I’lllearning community however is a group of students and teachers beingaccountable for each other to achieve the learning goals of the school and Ihave the given work.


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