As prior service members realize their fullest potential.

As a former military service member, I have always desired aprofession that would enable me to help other veterans.

With so many soldiersreturning home from war facing mental disorders, such as depression orpost-traumatic stress syndrome, I wish to specialize in the area of Clinical MentalHealth. I look forward to a productive career helping my fellow priorservice members realize their fullest potential. In doing so, I hope to helpthem find happiness in their lives by developing relationships that are healthyboth within their families and throughout society.Myinterests lean mostly towards the categories of clinical depression, anxiety disorders,and schizophrenia. However, I wish to focus primarily on depression, because I believethat the disorder affects everything a person does in daily life.

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I feel that mostof those who suffer from depression can learn to connect with counseling tohelp themselves manage the naturally occurring pain experienced throughoutlife. In this context, I use the phrase ‘Pain experienced throughout Life’ todescribe how many soldiers return home to an environment that is foreign tothem after facing the traumatic experiences of war. With veterans having theadded stressors of adjusting to a society that has little use for the skillsacquired during their training and/or combat, many veterans face alienation,frustration, and the loss of purpose. Since a sense of belonging coupled with adeep-seated sense of meaning and purpose in life is fundamental topsychological well-being (Edinger, 2015), I feel that achieving a sense ofacceptance, integration and wholeness are key to recovery.

In regard to veteranmental health, I am ardently fixed on the direction of suicide prevention as former service members need to know there is ahaven for them in case of a mental health crisis. I look forward todoing research into the ways in which creating a positive environment can helpto reduce mental distress. I am applying for the Master Program in Counseling forClinical Mental Health because I wish to become involved in the Veteran Affair’sprogram for Veteran Mental Health. I have the necessary maturity required tobecome an excellent counselor, the drive to help those who suffer from mentalhealth issues to become happier and better integrated individuals, and theintellectual and emotional capacity to connect with others seeking the samegoals.

 AttendingSouth University’s Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Programwill help me grow not only as an individual, but also greatly sharpen myprofessional skills. Our society is in need of mental health practitioners, andas such I wish to contribute. As a candidate, I have many strengths to offer toyour program. I am an enthusiastic individual who has always had a voraciousappetite for knowledge regarding human mental behavior. I enjoy helpingpeople and I have keen observational skills. I have a profound insight forunderstanding the psychological aspects of the need to feel a sense of purposeand belonging since I am also a veteran.

Furthermore, your program would provide the foundation for further study towards adoctoral degree. It is my military and civilian experiences thathave inspired me to further my education to make meaningful contributions inthe area of clinical mental health to those in need. I am firmly committed tothe idea that the best way to provide help is by means of professional andcompassionate communication to those audiences who can benefit most.

It is my strongbelief that skilled counseling is the mostappropriate approach to accomplish this goal. Aiding individuals withdepression by offering suitable counseling can lead to mental health andresilience in addition to enjoying a functional life – areas any person shouldhave the chance to develop. 


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