As role as a clinical support worker. If

As a clinical supportworker, following the trusts PIVOT values is essential in enabling me to carryout my work.

I ensure patients are put first by catering to their needs andmaking sure they are comfortable and safe. This could include things such as:helping them into different positions so they can be comfortable when they areseated or lying down, assisting them so they can eat and drink with ease,listening to their concerns, and undertaking regular observations to monitorany changes in their health. I strive for excellence by making sure I am alwaysmotivated to do my job, taking initiative to make things happens, treatingothers with compassion and supporting my colleagues.

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I also aim for continuousimprovement when it comes to patient experience. For example, in theoutpatients department where I work, I reduce waiting times for patients byquickly receiving their notes and pinpointing anything the consultant may needprior to seeing the patient by reading their referral letter. If I am workingin a urology clinic, this then tells me if I need the patient to provide aurine sample for example and I can analyse, print the result and place it inthe patients notes ready for the consultant to see. In doing so, the patientdoesn’t need to wait as long and the consultant can see patients quickly aspossible as they don’t have to wait for results. Honesty and openness are alsoimportant in my role as a clinical support worker. If I make a mistake in apatient’s care which causes them any harm I have a legal duty to inform andapologise to them. Lastly, having great team work and communication with mycolleagues can enable us to provide more effective care for our patients. As aclinical support worker in a busy department if I am able to, I often supportmy team members by carrying out observations on their patients if there is alarge list of patients needing to be seen.



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