As problems the proposed project will solve.

As mentioned in the case, the enterprise architects at the organizational level need to be able to create unity.

The enterprise level architecture must have the capacity to have a broad look on business situations, as well as be able to take a focused view of the company and individual issues. One of the well recommended step and qualification that the enterprise select is to be able to step back and take a look at what problems the proposed project will solve. As per my opinion, these represent all qualifications that a good enterprise architect for a company should have. The ability of the architect design to focus on the big picture (which is essential for the enterprise) seems to be one which is highly emphasized in the case, that way when you are designing you can focus on what the overall outcome will be and what types of problems it will solve.Enterprise architect focuses on four crucial C’s: connection, collaboration, communication and customers (O’Brien, 2012).

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Architects should map, define, and standardize technology, data, and business processes to translate these into an architectural approach (macro view) but also be able to work individual projects. The case provides a good example of Toyota Europe’s enterprise architect which was able to make its enterprise strategy work in the present environment and successfully carry it into the contemplated future. This is why Toyota’s Chief Architect Mr. Heinchkein was able to give a good account of what the job of the enterprise should be. Another example is provided is of Campbell Soup Corp. when they implemented the concept of enterprise architect found it very useful from its description that the enterprise architect’s work sees to it the best is served for the enterprise as a whole against the individual department and individual projects for things are being centralized and therefore harmonized with optimum efficiency as part of its architectural approach.

Experiences of the four respective companies mentioned have worked successfully in their enterprises. It is submitted, however, that the difference of business nature and other factors attendant to specific line of business, while admitting that every enterprise indisputably needs to adopt current technology and may need to enterprise architect, the degree of success attained thereof varies. The peculiarity of a certain business enterprise may require less the participation of enterprise architect. One business strategy may be copied wholly or partly with varying degree of success and sometimes even dismal failure. This means that for a period of time this enterprise architectural approach may work but not for a lifetime as an approach or strategy may be outmoded or rendered obsolete with the advent of new environment and technology, among others.When the state of matured enterprise architectures is reached, it is also expected that the maximum benefits in terms of business profit margins, stability of the enterprise, expansion of business and formation of new enterprises, and even the production of new products and services are also attained with maximum efficiency and productivity. However, the fact that once maturity is attained there is accompanying disadvantages such as the deceleration of upward movement and may have even reached its peak.

Once one is at its peak, the likely thing to happen is for it to slide down. Maturity in any undertaking also has its corresponding negative aspect.


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