As I would like to take the

As a second-year architecture student from Delft University of Technology, I am writing to express my sincere interest in the Study Abroad program at the University of Melbourne.

Going abroad always struck me as a valuable experience both cademically, professionally and personally. By writing this letter, I would like to take the opportunity to apply for the exchange program. In the next parts, I will provide you with my motivation.My name is Koen Stam and I am twenty years old. I started studying Architecture and the Built Environment two years ago, with the goal of working in an international firm or having my own company. They have offered me a study which challenges me both artistically as technically, and thereby to always look for solutions combining those two. Thrown in the inspirational environment of Delft University of Technology, with all its involved professors, exchanges, internships, extracurricular activities and most importantly both cultural and intellectually various student life, made me want to amplify my knowledge even more.  At the moment my average grade gravitates around 8.

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Especially the design projects went prodigious, which caused both these particular grades to be above 9.3. I have never had to retake a course.

Therefore I expect I will meet all the requirements, including the 45 ECTS I must have passed in the second year. Additionally to my studies I also engage in multiple extracurricular activities. For instance, last year I was part of the SteeOwee committee. This is a team of students within the study association of Architecture, Stylos. Together with a group of seven we organized the freshman weekend for 350 new architecture students at an external location in Delft.

Subsequently I was elected to join the committee of BkBeats. With eight other students we organize the biggest faculty party of Europe. Participating these two boards contributed to a better sense of collaborating, organization, coordination and negotiation skills. Thereby I also realized the value of team work and found it fantastic to work with a diverse group of architecture students.I believe as a potential architect gaining experience abroad is essential. In a world in which technology is changing so rapidly, there is not a possibility that becoming a engineer is something that can be only achieved in just one place.

In order to learn and discover as much as possible one requires knowledge and experience from all over the world. Also, I have heard other similar universities have different views on technology, creativity and designing. Being part of the Study Abroad Program would enlarge my horizon. I would be able to tackle problems, design buildings and thinking in a different way.

I hope the University of Melbourne could be the  beginning of my global experience, and help me with building a professional network and gives me a opportunity to work and develop myself abroad.Melbourne struck me as a particularly interesting destination as it is located in Australia, a part of the world I would really want to visit. I always have had a great interest in other country’s cultures, languages and inhabitants. By traveling  the world this could be explored. I think there is so much so appealing in people all over the world with different cultures, coming together to study, in places they are not familiar with. My passion for travel originated from the fact that my parents have always enjoyed taking me on (road) trips to interesting destinations. Besides my parents, some of my friends have traveled to Australia. Listening to their stories, I developed my love for this country and the enormous variety of cultures and nature of this beautiful continent.

I am planning to alternate studying with exploring Australia and other nearby countries such as New Zealand or Tasmania. Also I think that, during my exchange, I will become more independent. When I live across the borders, and even all the way in Australia, this will contribute to challenge myself in many ways and help me to become more mature. Also learning to know new people is great to broaden my social network.

On top of that almost all the citizens are speaking English. This will give me the opportunity to improve my English communication skills.I would like to apply for the University of Melbourne because of several reasons. First of all I think that Melbourne has a lot to offer, it is the world’s most livable city with it’s world-class dining, art galleries, home grown fashion and packed sports calendar. It is often referred to as the cultural capital of Australia.  At the same time it is a city with a lot of students since it has several universities. I expect to meet lots of different nationalities which is a important reason to go on exchange here.

   Thirdly, it’s ranked several times among the leading universities in the world. Worldwide it has been placed as number 32, but in Australia itself it is even the best ranked university. As a student in the Bachelor of Design, one will determine solutions for a better future by using innovations to solve problems creatively. This perfectly matches my expectations.

Besides that, I would really like to discover other ways to design buildings. Some fellow students confirmed this really contributes in becoming a better architect.  On top of that, I believe I have a lot to offer to your university. I am a very creative and disciplined person. I like to study hard and I enjoy to take initiative. My ambition for architecture in ongoing, and even more important I am a social person and a real team player.  Finally I would like to say that I know some other (architecture) students and friends who have already visited Australia.

They were very enthusiastic, and recommended me to explore specific places. Also, I might easier find a room to rent in the city centre. Therefore they can be a great help to me when preparing for my exchange. In conclusion I think that studying abroad will be a valuable experience from which I can benefit in the future. I hope that I have been able to convince you that I would really like to go to the University of Melbourne and that I will be able to get the most out of my time there.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet one of you and give a further explanation on my motivation.


I'm Gerard!

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