As we want to stay in the market

As in this competition era, from business point of view we must be aware about the customer needs & wants & what a consumer expects from a company. We should have this information or a customer database if we want to stay in the market and to develop a competitive edge in the market. After conducting this study we must be able to understand what customers want from a brand, why they switches to other brand, what are the factors which force them to purchase branded clothing.

By analyzing these company can formulate the strategies as per the customer needs & deliver them the products which consumer wants from the company, which will be profitable for the company. The relationship between consumers’ decision-making styles and their choice between branded and non-branded clothing is investigated using a sample of consumers of Madurai city only. The purpose of our research is to investigate People in MADURAI city to examine if any factor dominates in their buying behavior for clothing.

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In addition, consumer attributes (i.e., clothing involvement, brand consciousness, reference group, social class, and other factors) and personal characteristics were investigated separately and in relation to the purchase behavior of People.


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