As upon an arduous quest in pursuit

As someone greatly intrigued by intricacies of machines from a young age, I’ve embarked upon an arduous quest in pursuit of studying Mechanical Engineering to satiate my neverending curiosity of how things work. Studying it for these past four years has made it all but obvious to me that the next stop in this lifelong journey is graduate school. Compelled by my pragmatism, I recognize the value that a postgraduate degree carries in preparing me for my future career. Studying Mechanical Engineering has been a deeply fulfilling experience for many reasons.

I was able to learn the fundamentals of all the engineering disciplines as part of my course and have developed a deeper understanding of the interplay between different disciplines that come together in different technologies. I’ve also sharply honed my critical thinking and problem-solving skills working on various projects and assignments; invaluable to an engineer’s skill set. There has been nothing more rewarding than being able to apply theoretical concepts to solve real-world problems.

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I’ve been able to demonstrate my true competence through my extracurricular activities. I’ve gained immense knowledge through my participation in the eBAJA competitions organized by SAE India; knowledge that cannot be gained from books. Although my team was unable to win, merely competing was an eye-opening learning experience. Designing and building an all-electric ATV from scratch was no walk in the park. The biggest hurdle of them all, however, was to successfully coordinate a team of 25 on a deadline. I played a critical role in clearing the virtual round and securing our spot at the main event.

It was my job to research and formulate a strategy for the brakes’ and tires’ design. I learned and used SolidWorks for 3D modeling and ANSYS for the simulation testing and subsequently had to teach close to half the team how to use them as well, which further solidified my proficiency in the software. Working on this project tested my caliber as a leader and as an engineer; it required me to bring all my soft and hard skills together to make it work- excellent communication skills, time and resource management, work-study balance and solid mechanical engineering fundamentals.

I’ve always been a curious child growing up and nothing awed me more than the delightful sound of an internal combustion engine cranking to life. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about automobiles. It has been my lifelong goal to be part of something bigger than myself; something revolutionary; something that has a meaningful impact. To me, this means to work on and research more efficient power systems to contribute towards a greener future.

Ultimately, I would like to impart the knowledge and experience I gain and become an educator.Over the last few years, I have had a taste of teaching through an online tutoring website called where I was able to teach English as a second language to Japanese and South Korean business professionals.

 The boundaries of my perception towards teaching had been shattered by the gratitude my student showed me for the perfect TOEFL test score he achieved after following my tips and strategies. That was my eureka moment; I knew then I wanted to be in academia.Dinner-table conversations about life and career choices would almost always boil down to “do I see myself doing this thirty years from now?”For being a mechanical engineer, the answer is a resounding yes.

It would be a privilege for me to study at your prestigious university and I feel that I would be a valuable asset to your program.


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