As They must be banned,for the sake of

As generations pass, the evolution of the addictive, unwholesome and world-renowned video games continues. Although many people find video games quite attractive and engaging, they certainly do have negative effects on children and their physical, social and mental wellbeing. They must be banned,for the sake of children! Firstly, playing a video games can cause many health issues kindred to obesity, anxiety and Insomnia.

Secondly, children who are addicted to playing video games lose lots of precious time that can be vital for studying, doing homework and learning new skills. Finally, children develop social isolation and also lose that face-to-face conversation skill. Therefore, I strongly believe that video games should definitely be banned.

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First and foremost, video games can have quite a number of negative effects on a child’s health and behaviour. Lack of exercise and not getting enough sleep causes anxiety, depression and obesity in children. A study published in 2003 confirmed the increased incidence of aggressive behaviour in children by watching violent video games. Children sometimes tend to replicate the wild and aggressive acts from these video games which are quite detrimental. How would parents like their children to be fat, not exercising and not getting enough sleep? This simply leads to a conclusion that video games should be banned for the benefit of current and future generations.Secondly, addictive video games make children lose precious time which can be easily turned into a study session.

Studying is an essential activity which is important for the general development of a child’s knowledge. How would children like to fail at school? If a child simply cut down on 30 minutes of gaming each day, the whole generation would be more likely to achieve better results at school and attain their desired career. A study done by research scientist, Douglas A. Gentile examined that a teenager in the USA spends an average of 20 hours every week on gaming.

This is unquestionably shocking! If you desire to study at a good University, then extra study is vital but video games is an obstacle that stands in your way and will reduce your concentration span and make learning especially difficult.Finally, playing video games for long periods of time can make children socially isolated. For example, If a child had to go for lunch with his friends, he or she would miss this special opportunity only because they were playing video games. This could result in loss of friends and isolation.

Although some teenagers may argue that playing online games with friends is socialising, but you cannot beat that face-to-face conversation. How would kids like to be lonely and left out? This simply means that the amount of time children consume in playing pointless, useless and addictive video games should definitely be reduced or completely banned.In summary, playing video games is pointless, unwholesome and addictive. It is just a big rabbit hole which children fall into and suffer health issues, fail at school and experience social isolation.

So maybe allocate some time to play video games and do some studying, and you will never regret it later in life.


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