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As a young child, we ask “Why the sky is blue?” or “Why do balls fall down instead of up?” These questions are rooted in science. The sky is blue as a result of the way light is scattered across our atmosphere. Balls fall down because of gravity. Science doesn’t just give us the answers we have as children, science gives us the tools we need to keep asking and answering questions as we grow older and learn more about ourselves and the universe around us. The act of finding answers is next, using science and putting the methods into action, is the most fascinating. Whether you fail for a long time or achieve your goal on the first try the fascination, the thrive, and the excitement of science does not simply disappear. There are chemists who can work with a theory, radioactivity, or deal with genetics. There are astroonmers all around the world who use telescopes to peer back into time. There are even non-scientists who may sit at home, work, or school on a computer trying to hunt for new planets or decipher an ancient artifact on their break for lunch. Science, is all around us in many different shapes and forms which people use to enjoy, understand, create, and discover new things.Science is an opportunity for the human brain to think in a strategic manner. Science is a way to think of the impossible and make it come to life. In my experience, science is a way for me to get my hands dirty and learn something new every day. It allows individuals to come together and create unity because science is not an individual sport. Although it can be competitive, because of people’s need to strive for knowledge and be the first to come up with something new, it makes the impossible possible in a specific way. I love science because I use it to understand the world around me. It provides logic and order to something that may be chaotic. As older generations may say “I don’t know” to the answers to their questions, the answer will be found from one individual or another. The apprenticeship is a huge opportunity to invest intelligence into my future and to answer questions that I may have. Although science may not solve all the problems life seems to throw at us, it can show us the path to our solutions. The more we know, the more questions are asked. Science is a never-ending search for answers that will continue to thrive as long as the human race will live. And guaranteed satisfaction for the girl or boy, who still asks “why.”


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