As Leininger (2006a:16) refers to culturally congruent care

As far as our views are concerned on Madeleine Leininger’s Theory of Culture Care: Diversity and Universality, it can be said that this theory plays a vital role while providing care to the client as a whole. There are some examples where one can apply this theory during one’s practice which are as follows :
One would observe diversity among patients on a daily basis as patients visit from different cultures with different values and beliefs.

One would practice that is accepted in one culture and may not be accepted in another culture. Patients have the right to get the care based on their cultural values and beliefs.

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It is one of the major responsibilities of nurses to provide culturally competent holistic care to improve patient outcome.

It is of utmost importance to promote cultural competence among all nurses. Leininger (2006a:16) refers to culturally congruent care as knowledge, acts, and decisions used in sensitive and knowledgeable ways to appropriately and meaningfully fit the cultural values, beliefs, and life ways of clients for their health and well-being, or to prevent illness, disabilities, or death.


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