As have discovered that there are specific

As stated by (Nolen, J .L.

, 2017), Psychologists have discovered that there are specific types of attributions that causes learned helplessness. How we attribute the events that occur in our lives has a significant effect on our attitudes and efforts in improving our lives. Stable or unstable causes: If we believe that events are caused by factors which do not change, we assume that it is not worth us trying to change them.

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So, if I believe my success is based on an unchangeable ability, it will seem that it is not worth me trying to improve myself. Internal or External causes: We can believe that events are caused by ourselves or something outside of ourselves. If I assume a serious car crash was my fault, I will be less likely to drive again than if I attribute it to a greasy road. Global or Specific causes: If we believe that events are caused by many factors, then we feel we can do less to change things than if we see few and specific causes. (Abramson, 1978)The attributions most likely to cause learned helplessness are internal, stable, and global.

Let’s look at an example when a mother loses a child she is most likely to feel like she is a failure. She is not thinking that the reason for her loss was anything else but that she has failed. She begins to think that she cannot even do what most other women can do without any complications. that she cannot be a good mother, but in truth, she won’t even try to be because of fear of failing again. This would be an Internal Attribution to the learned helplessness theory in the given example.

If it was not for Seligman’s study, we would not have had the understanding we have today. Mental Illness would still be as confusing as it was back in 1967. Today our Psychologists have many avenues to use in the diagnosis of Mental Disorders and treatments.

  Thanks to Seligman’s Learned Helplessness study done in 1967, we are far more aware of how life’s events effect our lives. How some people chose to see and react to them are all up to the individual, but if a person only sees the negative then they will not even try. Thus, giving all hope of recovery.

With that being known a person’s doctor can come up with a treatment plan that will better suit the individual.


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