As an in-training coach and hopefully a soon to be qualified coach, it is important that I manage my coaching relationships by remaining ethical and non-judgemental in my practice.
A coach’s responsibilities for managing the coaching relationships are to
• Agree and work to boundaries
• Establish and maintain confidentiality whilst working with the coachee and beyond.
• Build trust and having integrity
• Challenge the coachee to stretch themselves
• Show respect
• Have an understanding that my drivers are different to theirs
• Oppose oppression
• Be non-discriminative
• Be fair to coaches
To support coaches to carry out these responsibilities it is vital that coaches work to ethic and are non-judgemental. The way in which a coach can do this practically are to
• Have professionalism
• Continue to develop skills and knowledge
• Continue to develop and understand own self (increase self-awareness) and understand own values and beliefs
• Understanding pre-conceived ideas and hiow this effects non-discrimination
When practicing I need to demonstrate that I am maintaining my responsibilities agreeing a contract and through contracting throughout with the coachee, turning up on time, use appropriate language, keeping on task, good presentation of myself, being present, explaining confidentiality and ensure that I prove that I maintain this, not bringing in my own viewpoints, understand that sometimes I might not be able to coach someone due to conflict of interests,


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