As user enters. Phishing email is also

As online
technology is growing at a faster level, so have other numerous online
activities such as advertising, gaming, and e-commerce. As online financial
activities are on the rise, so have online fraudulent activities in which
phishing is playing a major role for illegally obtaining private individual
details. Phishing activities against financial institutions have become a
regular occurrence leading to a rising concern about how to increase security
on these sectors which could relate to banks and online shopping such as EBay
and Amazon. Fraudulent schemes conducted via the Internet are generally
difficult to trace and prosecute, and they cost individuals and businesses
millions of dollars each year. From computer viruses to web site hacking and
financial fraud, Internet crime became a larger concern than ever in the 1990s
and early 2000s. In response to such issue, different anti phishing tools were
developed in order to counter such illegal online activities.

As for the phishing
activities, it has also been evolving on a rapid level in order to evade other
anti-phishing tools that are been developed to counter the phishing tricks.
Phishing emails are also known to contain links the infected website where they
are asked to type in their personal information such as username and password
of account details, so that the website will hack the information related to
whatever the user enters. Phishing email is also sent to a large number of
people and the phishers will also try to count the percentage of people who
read that email and entered the information. It is very difficult to find that
the individuals are actually visiting an actual site or malicious site.
Phishing is also understood to be a sort of brand spoofing or carding. As a
result researchers are attempting to reduce the risk and vulnerabilities of
such fraudulent phishing activities. Some researchers also define phishing as a
new type of network attack. The attacker creates a replica of an existing Web
page to fool users for example by using specially designed e-mails or instant
messages into submitting personal, financial, or password data to what they
think is their service provides’ Website.

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