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As a young girl growing up playing with house and dolls, mainly Barbie, I wondered what my adult life would be like and who it would be with. Barbie always had Ken, until I grew up and they divorced, but still with Ken along with all the other male figures in my life I made an idea of what my perfect lover would be.

I’m not a shallow person, but if I could have my pick he would be taller than me at least by a foot. I’m 5’2 so he’d have to be about 6 so I can forever rest my head on his chest and he rest his chin on my head. He would have brown wavy hair, and he’d never go bald, a full bearded face, and chest hair. If I could choose my perfect lover he’d have to have a very good sense of humor to. I’d never want to be with someone who has no humor towards life and takes everything so seriously.

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He has to be able to make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it, and be able to laugh at himself. He’d be someone fun to be with, whom I can go out with and be spontaneous, someone who I felt I wasn’t growing old with and instead made me feel full of life and young. Secondly he’d be caring. Someone who would take care of me if I were sick I’d know he’d be there to make me feel better. If I were feeling down he’d care to ask what was wrong and cheer me up.

He’d care about my family as if they were his blood family as well. He would also work to help care for our home with bills and repairs. I wouldn’t have to worry much because I’d know I’d have someone caring by my side. But most importantly my perfect lover has to be trustworthy. I want someone who will never lie to me not even about the most insignificant things. He’d be the one person I can talk to about anything without having to worry about anybody else finding out. Him cheating would never be something I’d worry about. Without trust, honesty, and faithfulness everything else wouldn’t really matter.


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