as feel that i guide and support them

as a unit manager i can see myself performing in both leader and manager. i have to guide my team also i have to manage the work and be able to direct day-to-day task for my team. i am also involved processes standards and procedures. i have to look after the whole unit by sorting in process management which can include applying work rules and policy out their needs both residents and staff. i also make use of staff meetings, supervisions and training sessions to evaluate my own and others within the team’s performance to make certain that we are achieving our health and safety requirements as well as promoting a person centred approach that ensure a balanced approach to risk assessments that cover the care home. any changes to a resident care plan will be discussed in our daily handover to make sure that all staff that supports the residents knows of these changes and the other assets and support that is being put in by the people who are supporting the residents. these changes will be recorded in their care plan and reviewed monthly. One vital traits as a unit manager is to have a good communication and relationship with staff. it is very important for them to feel that i guide and support them all the time.


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