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As a manager in Domiciliary care one of my work tasks are to ensure meetings are arranged and appointments are meet for the potential service users. After receiving consultation from the service user’s family, friends or social worker the meeting will be arranged to do the assessment. The potential service user may be in the hospital and waiting discharge where Adult social care from the hospital will contact us, maybe the service user is living at home and requires more support to remain in their own home. Usually we will receive phone calls or emails asking about the viability we have. The potential service user may contact Presious Healthcare Ltd directly themselves.The first assessment will be a service users Enquiry Record sheet, documenting the basic details of the potential service users, brief details of general health needs and support they require, this give us a brief picture of the person. If Adult social care contacts us they may forward the individuals details though email.

We can put together a pre-assessment support plan. After the visit is arranged my colleague and I will meet with the potential service user, professionals and the family if the individual gives consent for them to attend. Working in partnership with other agencies is extremely important, we need to gather as much information as possible about the potential service user to be able to provide the right care needed and get to know their personal choices, wishes etc. When doing an assessment, I have the information in front of me, but instead of filling in forms their and then, I have found from experience that service user can become withdrawn and can get fed up easily, if I sit their filling in all the paper work. when all the people that attends the meeting is more open with each other the communicating flows easier, I will remain professional always, I will ask, listen, process the information, then go and fill forms after chatting. I feel that being open and having eye contact with the prospective service user this enables them to become more sociable and responsive towards in all in attendance.

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When assessing the protentional service user the main area to focus on is working towards the requirements of the individuals needs and is what they require from the company. Presious Healthcare Ltd will carry out the care planning in a person-centred way to achieve a quality service for that individual.When we implement the care package we will ensure that all the care staff that’s involved with the care for the individual are aware of the individuals needs and preferences, after 6 weeks we would review the care package and adjust if required, the care package would be reviewed again in 12 months unless if changes in the individuals occur needs reviewing before that time. When we compare the range and purpose of different forms of assessment, the assessment process is the main area to any package of care its vital that its personalized to the individual concerned. There are different forms of assessments and approaches carried out in health and social care, when we use different approaches we may come up with different results.When assessing the individual one method is to look at the holistic approach, to assess in a holistic manner is to look deeper into how all aspects of their life impacts on other things, looking at their mental health state, their body functioning and lifestyle preferences. Presious Healthcare Ltd will take in to account the individual’s personal preferences and needs doing so we are promoting their choice and dignity.

If the individual has problems with cognitive function, we may have to complete another assessment know as Mental capacity assessment. This procedure would be in place if for instance an individual has advanced Dementia and the individual in unable to make decisions, the carer will make decides, in that person’s best interests to assist/ support them getting dressed for instance, all the decisions taken be documented, signed. The Mental capacity Act covers day to day decisions like what clothes the individual may wear as they may not be able to decide for themselves due to the impairment of the mind. The care staff must think about the code of practice guidelines when they act or make decisions on the other persons behalf in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005 legislation.

If the potential service user is unable to meet their toileting needs presious Healthcare Ltd will assess their continence needs, we will identify any continent aids used if any and add them with the care planning. Carers will always maintain privacy and dignity, due to incontinence being a sensitive and embarrassing issue for some people. If the individual requires more support advice will be sought though the Local continence service or the District Nurses. Sometimes we need to document input and output for other professionals in case the individual has other under problems – i.e. urine retention, loose stools or constipation etc. The carer might have to assist the service user obtain urine or stool samples whilst working in the Health and Social care environment.

The Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST) assessment is designed to identify adults that are obese and at risk of malnutrition. Before completing the Must tool, we need to know the current weight and height of the service user, their previous weight over the past month, their BMI (Body Mass Index), their previous and current dietary intake and any medical condition that may affect dietary intake. Complete the MUST assessment in 3 stages1. Obtain BMI score 2.

Obtain weight loss score 3. Obtain Acute Disease Effect scoreFollow the Nutritional support pathway and decide the appropriate action to take, this assessment might direct you to contact the Dietitian. Presious Healthcare monitors the intake of the service users and the office will be contacted if any concerns are raised. Pressure area assessment. One assessment tool we could use to calculate if a service user is at risk of developing pressure ulcers is the Norton Score this process is straight forward, quick to use and has 5 questions as follows 1-physical condition, 2-Mental condition, 3-Activity, 4-Mobility and 5-Incontinence, each question has a scale 1 to 4. Presious Healthcare uses the Water low score risk assessment that has 12 questions, gender, age, BMI, skin type, mobility, continence, weight loss, patient’s appetite, Tissue malnutrition, neurological deficit, Major trauma and medication.

Comparing Norton assessment tool with the water low assessment tool the Norton tool looks easier and quicker to use, I may change to Norton assessment instead of using the water low tool that Presious HealthCare’s using at present.We will also use moving and Handling risk assessments for Health and Safety Issues for the use of equipment i.e. bed rail, Hoist, wheeled commodes, slide sheets etc.2. How do you work with partners to positively support the assessment process? (1.

2)When working in partnership with family/friends, advocate , GPs, Social works and other professionals gives us a better understanding of the care the service users’ needs are and the more information we can gather will ensure we will meet the individual’s needs. Gaining lots of information the company will be able to build a good picture of the service user. Highlighting the principles which determine good practice includes: choice, respect and dignity,individuality,privacy,rights,confidentiality,independence,emotional need and valuing the individual.Effective partnership working with other professional bodies ensure that the individuals using the services benefit. The purpose of an assessment is to describe and elevate an individuals present needs and how they are to be supported to live an independent life. The impact of the individuals daily functioning and quality of life is evaluated ,then appropriate action can be planned.

All information gathered will help to support the care plan and be transparent, for the service user to gain understand their situation. Key principle is that the individuals views and wishes shape the assessment process, assessment should be responsive to the individuals circumstances changes over time. Basic information will be checked and validated ,to confirm that it’s up to date and accurate, service user to sign where possible.In order for the partner to work well their needs to be good communication and the company needs to have good communication skills.

Working in partnership is important and learning from other professionals ,it will help to understand the aims and objectives of different people and partner organisation as they may have different views, attitudes and approaches.Presious Healthcare Ltd work together sharing relevant information with Doctors, Nurses, Social workers, Advocates, Physiotherapists, Occupational therapist.


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