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As a duty manager I communicate with my Manager, senior social care workers, social care workers, residents, Social Workers, District Nurses, GPs etc. on a daily basis. I speak to them formally either via telephone or face to face.Observations – medication annual, food obs One to one communication is important – feel this works well as some staff members to not like to talk in front of each other and that there suggestions might be rubbish. Face to face communication allows the staff to see body language and expressions. Email could be picked up in wrong tone.Supervision – gives clear boundaries but also allows staff to speak to manager in confidence and vice versa.

Lets the staff know how they are doing and where they could improve. Always give staff notice of a supervision to ensure they have time to prepare. Check trainingTeam meetings – each member of staff receives the same message. Policies that need reading. Any issues Handover – effective as allows us to pass on all information about each resident and about what is happening that day.

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Emails – can be sent on mass but can be read and tone taken the wrong way.Regularly check and audit care plans and RIOmenu choices are displayed on the wall so each resident can view this.Whiteboard on cregnesh unit displays the date and any activites on that day. Draw back is if it is not changed daily then incorrect information is given to residents.


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